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Hi there. I am on day 1 of quitting for the fifth time in a year. (My longest was 1 month cold turkey) Anyways...I first wanted to ask if u are paying a fortune for the Zyban? BC Wellbutrin is also prescribed for quitting smoking. And they even have a generic brand of welbutrin which is even cheaper. If you look at the ingredients of Zyban and Welbutrin or equiv. they are exactly the same. Anyway, when I took Welbutrin, I think it was too much for me. Since it is used for Serotonin levels, I think that maybe my serotonin levels were OK to begin with. I just felt like my mind was racing. And I had a hard time sleeping. I felt as if someone may feel that has ADD or ADHD. It wasn't terrible enough to disrupt my day. Although my doc said to start cutting the dose in half and work my way up to one a day and then two a day. Well, I thought I had worked my way to that point, and I took one whole one and I was up ALL NIGHT. I do have to say, it was not a pleasant experience. My sister took Welbutrin also. She felt wonderful and had absolutly no side effects to speak of. She had smoked for about 13 years when she quit. My mother also quit using the generic form of welbutrin. She had smoked for over 20 yrs. She was like me though and felt like she could not connect a thought. She said she felt as if when she opened her mouth she was afraid of what might come out. The doc changed her dosage to something smaller and she was fine. It worked GREAT for them! I am so glad that this drug has come about. I think it saved my mom's life. She had tried many times cold turkey and failed! My sister also. As for me, I must be super sensative to meds and I also suffer from anxiety/panic taking medication scares me...LOL. So, unfortunatly I am back to cold turkey. Believe me, I WISH I could take something! Not only to quit smoking, but an anti depressant as an added bonus! Well, did not mean to get so lengthy here!! Just know that everyone is different. You may have absolutly no side effects from it! Or maybe just mild. Oh, make sure u wean yourself off them too so that u don't have withdrawl side effects. Good luck! It really does work!!

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