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First off congrats - I myself stopped smoking on 2nd August this year and have been struggling with increased anxiety, panic attacks and an increase in concentration problems since quitting (although none of these problesm were treated before, as running to the doctor scares me even more than a panic attack).

AFAIK the lightheadedness is a normal part of stopping smoking, it has to do with the extra oxygen and low blood sugar (nicotine messes with your ability to metabolise sugar) and is no reason to run around from doc to doc :)

Also, nicotine can mask existing concentration issues (such as in AD(H)D patients) so EVEN THOUGH smoking generally contributes to "brain fog" when you stop any existing conditions that you've been knowingly or subconsciously self-medicating, or that have crept up while you were a smoker (esp. with sore throat/lung problems etc.) but were masked my the effect of the nicotine will obviously become noticeable.

Also pre-existing anxiety conditions can become slightly worse when you stop smoking - no reason to start again, but all the more reason to get them checked out and medicated if required! :)

Also don't forget your brain was running with constant input of a strong and addictive drug for 30 years so it is bound to take quite some time for you to get used to the normal drug-free functioning of your brain again :)


Female, 25

Quit smoking & left abusive relationship in 2003 - now there's just some 25 lbs to lose and my head to clear

Possible ADD

Anxiety, panic attacks

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