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... Hi- I currently have been taking Bupropian (Zyban, Welbutrin, etc) for a few months now. I started at 150MB twice a day and then after about 6 weeks, my shrink put me up to 200MG twice a day. The medication is being used to try to kill two birds with one stone (depression and smoking). Well it seems to help somewhat with the smoking (I'm able to keep my smoking down to... (10 replies)
... Hi, Dayvidpriddy :wave: First, absolutely check with your doctor, but here are a few of my thoughts on your questions. It seems to me the Wellbutrin is working for you in a number of ways. It's helped with your depression, your sexual addictions, and it's helped in decreasing your smoking. You've got the second half of the prescription in hand (patches); why not... (10 replies)
... Hi Marian! Oh got THAT right!! ! It took me a long time to figure that one out..LOL... I used to 'wonder why' those patches, and gum and everything wasn't working??? Duh! LOL I figured out that *I* was the one who really had to do the hard work "stuff",... the patch, the gum... whattever was only going to aide me in I wouldn't go totally... (10 replies)

... Wow...thank you, StenoLady! That's an interesting story, and yeah,...quitting smoking is a pretty major head trip, anyway. I went through quite a bit of depression that 1st year...but I had also just been diagnosed w/ a thyroid problem/ it could've been coming from that as well. (I think it was more the giving up my cigs tho, , as I had to just get "used" to... (10 replies)
... I agree that you have to really want to quit in order for any method to work. There is no magic pill that will take it all away. You still have to make the effort. And there will be effort. Godbless (10 replies)
... Hi, Deda :wave: Wow ... almost four years! Major congratulations to you!!! What I meant was from my experience, as my hubby was on Chantix for a few weeks and he suffered major depression, fits of rage and what he terms as "a dark place" in his head. He couldn't tolerate the med at all, and I've posted a bit about his experience on the boards. I don't want you to... (10 replies)
... Hi Dayvid... Good job,...cutting down so much...that just shows how much you are willing to quit for good. Just wanted to say that I too agree with StenoLady...I too quit w/ the Wellbutrin and the patch, and the patch does work very very well. I think anything works pretty well when we really, REALLY are ready to quit and we are so determined to quit. I tried quitting 5 x... (10 replies)
... Well I talked with my shrink today and he said that what my smoking cessation instructor said (regarding not taking Chantix and Welbutrin together) is NOT true! He said the FDA did a study on about 100 people taking both drugs together (NO PATCH) only Welbutrin and Chantix and that they had no bad reactions and were successfull at quitting (well most were). So he agreed to... (10 replies)
... Well I did ask the same questions above to my smoking cessation instructor that I had, I called her on the phone and she called me back and left my answers on my voice mail. She said you can't take Chantix and Burpropian together and that using the patch while taking Chantix would be pointless, while it wouldn't hurt you, it wouldn't benefit you either (because of how the... (10 replies)
... I totally understand wanting to wait. I did the same thing, waited until we were finished with our spring vacation and work slows down in summer. And you have made great strides with decreasing how much you smoke! That's huge! Hope you're able to find out more info about your questions at the doc's office :) (10 replies)
... Thanks Sten...I guess then I'm on the right track. But I will still talk to my shrink tomorrow to see what he thinks. You asked why I hadn't started the patch yet? LOL...because I still want to smoke, rofl!!! I know, it's horrible isn't it? But I have a few stressful things coming up (i know thats the typical excuse) and I just don't want to start that next step until a... (10 replies)

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