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... Yes fibrana, you can cut them in half. Also don't worry about still using these aids. I stopped smoking with the patch and hypnosis. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks for the info. I know it's probably not a good idea to cut the patch in half, but I do it anyway. I could be getting lots of nicotine at once though, instead of over 24 hours. I'm still not ready to stop the patch. ... (7 replies)
Jan 17, 2003
... That is awesome. I just wanted to say a few things that i thought would help. First of all, deciding to quit is great, it's the first step. But you must really want to quit. ... (2 replies)

... per week. Researchers believe that nicotine causes the metabolic rate to rise by increasing the level of insulin in the blood which decreases the body's ability to store fat. ... (4 replies)
... If you want to stretch it out, can you cut a piece of gum in half and add a piece of "normal" gum to it? ... (1 replies)
Feb 3, 2003
... Hello UPinSmoke. I tried zyban at the same time as my friend. He had no problems, I had similar feelinds as you did. I was jittery, couldn't sleep, etc.. I decided it just wasn't for me. I got off it. I see you mention that you don't want nicotine replacemnts. ... (7 replies)
... have any stamina left for this. but give it a go anyway. I got to about 10am on the first day and was eating chair legs again. I scratched arround and found some patches which ran out of date in 92, but on one went. unbelievable from that minute on I have been able to cope without much of a problem. ... (3 replies)
... I have a feeling that this is a dumb question with an obvious answer, but just looking for the reassurance, if anyone could humor me. I bought the patches which have worked for me in the past. I bought the 21mg. ... (5 replies)
... and chew anywhere from 3 to 5 pieces a day. I think I'm just going to have to not buy anymore, and go back to my little patches for a few weeks and then just stop those and sweat it out. Actually, I think I'll do okay getting off the's just the gum I love!! ... (20 replies)
... othing for me except costing me alot of money and slowly killing me. My friends would say, you're gonna die anyway, might as well go happy. That was a crock of you know what. Just because we all will die, why increase the risk of going early, why not do what you can to make your life as full as you can. ... (9 replies)
... DO NOT GIVE UP!!!! This is the best thing you can do for yourself. I smoked many years and have quit 4 different times. I learned that I cannot have just one cigarette. ... (31 replies)
... I think I like it better than the patch because it works more like a cigarette, you get the nicotine when you use a lozenge. I myself, couldn't use the patch because of allergic reactions I had to the adhesive. ... (6 replies)
... Well, you seem like an intelligent enough person and you sound like you've been around so I'll cut to the chase and spare you the psycho babble. If you expecting some nicey nice client centered unconditional love thing, you're going to be very disappointed. ... (3 replies)
... That is awesome!!! I completely agree with Sapphire. It does not matter how you quit, so long as you can do it!!! ... (59 replies)
... When I started I thought, well its got marijuana in it so theres no way it can be as bad as cigarette. However, it is of course much worse because you are smoking tobacco without a filter mixed with an agent which perhaps helps the nicotine stick to your lungs so you get a better hit off it. ... (6 replies)
... YOU CAN DO IT DEE!! ... (13 replies)
... and both my brother and I started. I just wonder if we associate the smell with childhood or if the nicotine craving actually starts in infancy? ... (8 replies)
... these are symptoms of WITHDRAWAL and they will last as long as you keep using nicotine! This is the ONLY thing that has kept me from lighting up these past 3 days, lol... ... (2 replies)
... She said the patch gave her awful nightmares. I have some nicotine gum as well. Someplace lol. Unopend and a couple years old. ... (4 replies)
The patch?
Jan 17, 2005
... Good for you Betty! You're right....they are costly but I truly believe the benefit outweighs the cost. I'll tell you a little secret..... ... (20 replies)

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