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3rd day of Chantix
Jan 11, 2011
... having. I hate hate hate that I started smoking. I actually chewed tobacco for a lot of years and quit that about 6 months ago but started smoking. I did the Chantix last month and quit for 3 days but I also stopped taking the Chantix on my first quit day because I was not sleeping and the wild dreams kept me awake. ... (6 replies)
... I got a prescription for Chantix 3 months ago, held it for awhile and started it yesterday, a bit nervous after reading the stories here and other places. ... (0 replies)
... I'm worried that Chantix will be the same way...that it's just not affecting me. I was hoping for the vivid dreams or even a little nausea if it meant that Chantix was working. ... (6 replies)

... Hi,i am also a chantix user ,i smoked 45 years and just found out i have copd,i started chantix 1 month ago,the first 3 week ,i still smoked 1 or2 a day,then the smoke made me so sick to smell,i could not smoke a cig.i been without a cig.1 week today . ... (14 replies)
Jul 9, 2010
... I tried chantix in 2007, for approx. ... (1 replies)
... asted like they sat in my glove box for a year, then I decided to smoke them. To me, this is a good thing! LOL. Also, I noticed the first night that I started Chantix I had vivid dreams. I still dream everynight, but they are the kind of dreams that you remember when you wake up, and even think about again throughout the day. ... (37 replies)
... wrong, i'm like you, this is my last quit attempt. if i dont make it this time then ill be a smoker for life. but i really do think ill make it this time. i've had short bouts in the past few days of feeling good without nicotine in my system (even though im still smoking the chantix blocks the nicotine receptors) - and i gotta say, its got me believing that i can feel good... (18 replies)
Jun 28, 2007
... Hi, Nina :) Keep us posted on how your wean goes. I took my last Chantix a week ago after about a three-week wean and generally feel *okay.* I believe I may have had a few bouts of anxiety since stopping the med (I've never had issues with anxiety before, so I'm not positive), but nothing that lasted too long. I hear you on not becoming an obnoxious ex-smoker. I refuse... (161 replies)
... Yes :( On a positive note, however, I've gone from 2 1/2 packs per day down to about 10 cigs per day in 12 days. But none of us (DH, my mother and I) were able to quit on the seventh day. And they taste AWFUL. Really sick. They taste bad and smell very strange. I think I'm just holding on out of fear of nicotine withdrawal. DH is still smoking, too, even on the... (15 replies)
... Started taking Chantix a couple of weeks ago after a couple of guys I know took it and helped them quit smoking. I've tried quitting in the past was never successful. ... (2 replies)
Jul 17, 2007
... es of nauseousness more vivid dreams, and some fatigue, I don't notice much of a difference. I posted a bulletin yesterday and several people told me to let the chantix tell me when my quit day should be. ... (161 replies)
... Wowwee, you folks rock!! Many appreciations for welcome, suggestions and good will shared to me. I've just read through all the other threads hit on since I was here last and there is some great stuff here. I wish that more folks that contemplate quitting could find this place easier and realize that there were good folks pulling for them in very real ways. I'm gonna try... (36 replies)
Oct 11, 2007
... I had VIVID dreams for the first two weeks. ... (6 replies)
... This is so funny! Have enjoyed reading about everyone's bizarre dreams. I started Chantix (or Champix as its called in the UK) last Tuesday and have ad increasingly vivid and extravagant dreams. Last night I dreamt about Sting - thankfully in his gorgeous 'Police' days. I am enjoying it hugely. Has anyone else found it almost impossible to wake up in the morning?? I am... (23 replies)
... Sounds like you are doing great! How long have you been on chantix? I'm on day 8, my quit date. I hope it works for me as it did you! Ginger (9 replies)
... rough life. On Chantix, I go to bed earlier and sleep much more soundly. Even on nights when I stay up to midnight, I still wake up more refreshed than usual. My dreams aren't that vivid or wild but I noticed I'm dreaming more often. ... (9 replies)
... You are quite right about smoke smelling pretty bad while on Chantix. Smells just as bad when you get off of it. What's happening is the Chantix will not allow your brain to process the "Aaaahhh" feeling any more. ... (30 replies)
... t say that I have found myself thinking of them but have not craved one either. I keep sugar free candies and when I think of a cig, I eat a candy. I do take the Chantix after a meal and make sure I drink that 8 oz of water. I don't like water but I do drink it so I don't get sick. ... (18 replies)
... part of me wonders though if the exhaustion is less chantix and more nicotine withdrawal. ... (18 replies)
... Congrats to everyone on their continued success!!! I'm heading out for some much needed breakfast for dinner (haven't done that in AGES!), but I just wanted to check in and say hello and how strong everyone is. Ariel, I didn't take the med for very long. I started it on 5/7 and stopped it on 6/22. I never really liked the way it made me feel (other than the dreams,... (57 replies)

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