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... run now saying eeeewww mom, I stand there and laugh. as far as the dreams, boy have I had some doozys, none about dead loved ones yet, but boy some of of these dreams are soooo wierd. ... (13 replies)
... oh also when you all have these dreams have you been dreaming about dead loved ones... ... (13 replies)
... Steno I have to agree with you on the incredible dreams, I have been off the pill for 2 days and do miss those dreams. it has been a week so far and doing great no urges or cravings that I cannot handle. (33 replies)

... Enjoy those dreams while you can. I miss the bajeezus out of them. They were so much fun. ... (33 replies)
... here are some nights when I've woken up several times but other nights I sleep the whole night. If I do wake, I'm usually able to fall right back asleep. Is it dreams waking you up? ... (57 replies)
... It's not bad though. I feel it most when I'm sitting still. I took my first night pill last night and did have some trouble sleeping. I'm having very vivid dreams that seem to go on for hours. Like others have said on here, I'm enjoying the dreams too. ... (41 replies)
... Reading about all these symptoms has definitely been interesting. I always had a headache at the end of the day. This has gone on for many years now. I just figured I put in a rough day. So I would come home and take one Bayer aspirin and it went away. No big deal... The very day I quit smoking, the headaches disappeared. I have not had one headache in six weeks. I... (37 replies)
... That's the ONLY way I see him (young and oh so hot)! The Beguiled is an oldie and one that a lot of people never heard of. He plays a soldier (I think a confederate but it may be a yankee). He gets hurt and a girl from an 'all girl' school finds him and brings him back to the school to recover. I won't tell you how it ends but I will tell you his character is NOT NICE,... (23 replies)
... That lethargic feeling is caused, I am sure, by adrenaline not being constantly triggered by smoking. Your body has to get used to working without nicotine. My lethargia has been getting better bit by bit each day and now, at just over 10 weeks I feel about back to normal. Energy, on the other hand has been with me in bucket loads since 4 weeks after I quit. I have honestly... (16 replies)
... Ahhh. It is alwasy good to hear from someone else that these symptoms are normal! :dizzy: Yes I would say about 90% of what you listed I am dealing with, of course some better than others. I did read everyones post abut the dreams. Too bad mine are actually abotu my ex instead of cute movie stars! Good thing is in MY dreams I am telling my ex to buzz off :D But as... (16 replies)
... Nice Lucy.....way to go. Heeheehe Yeah Marguerite - I just read about your dreams on the "sleepy" thread -and posted back there. Too funny!! See, the side effects aren't ALL bad!!! (23 replies)
... Haha! That was me! :D ;) (23 replies)
... Funny how they start coming out of the woodwork. I guess we won't be sharing those dreams with the group, huh? ... (23 replies)
... It's like a new adventure every night. Some of the dreams, well let's just say, they are very vivid. Can't really post some of them but you get the idea:) Actually excited to sleep to see what dream will occur tonight (23 replies)
... I haven't had any wild dreams yet!! I was actually looking forward to them! LOL Maybe when I start the 1mg tabs ? ... (23 replies)
... I would say I am disappointed I haven't had any rich and famous visit me in my dreams, but after hearing about Harvey Kietel sans clothing, I'm not going to push my luck! :jester: Wait! I forgot about Oprah! I don't even like or ever watch Oprah! (23 replies)
... I didn't have the strange dreams! I feel deprived!! Me, I had to get the constipation!! Everyone that says they had wonderful, colorful, wacky dreams seems to enjoy them. ... (36 replies)
Chantix User
Jun 5, 2013
... But like yourself I had the weird dreams which where mostly funny and dreaming about events in my past life I haven't thought of in years... ... (1 replies)
... may want to talk to your Dr. and change to 0.5mg twice a day or like me take only one a day. I took them for about 7 weeks and now done with them as I had vivid dreams and felt depressed so just stopped taking them and reduced to 2 times a week and now none. ... (1 replies)
... I hate how I feel, tired and bloated. Day 7 on the med. An still smoking. I wake up every hour and suffer from RLS really bad.(had it before but not this bad) I like the dreams; if there sexy.... Gotta have something to look forward to. Lol Good luck to anyone out there trying this cause it is hell. (14 replies)

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