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... Awesome Skimmer! I'm going to print this out and tape it to my forehead as a reminder and encouragement. LOL (33 replies)
... Ladies & Gents - it gets easier trust me. I quit back in February on Chantix - only took it for a couple of weeks, then just stopped and went cold turkey. It was fairly easy but you have to really want to be quit and stay quit, which we did. So far, it's been a dream come true!! Today is my 25 weeks, 6 hours, 59 minutes, 3 seconds anniversary of being quit!! I feel... (33 replies)
... That's what I'm talking about! I am hoping the encouragement from this message board does it for me this time. I do remember last time I quit (for 10 months) I did feel better and I noticed my skin looked awesome and my nails weren't yucky anymore and of course, I smelled nice. :D I still have a huge headache and I noticed today my elbows and wrists hurt. Hoping these... (33 replies)

... We are here for major support, we can and will succeed with our quit. it has been over 2 weeks for me and I already feel so much better. I am back on the chantix as I was getting cravings and I reached for that instead of the demon. ... (33 replies)
... It's normal not to feel any or very little effect of the Chantix on the first few days. ... (33 replies)
... I am now on my eight day of chantix and doing ok with smoking (had 1 yesterday) but i could lay down right now and go to sleep. I have had absolutely no energy for the past week. I hope this passes!!! (33 replies)
... I am on day two of my starter pack. I am not very optimistic at this point. My smoking has cut down a little, but I still want to smoke badly all the time, even right after I smoke one. I guess I'm just thinking I can't do it! Not even on Chantix! Do I just need to give myself more time? Any suggestions? I'm open to anything. :( (33 replies)
... Hi Hotdam, You stopped taking the Chantix? How long did you take it before stopping it? And you feel good -- no cravings? I'd like to stop taking it so I could sleep better and not be so bloated, but I don't want to if the risk of powerful cravings and possibly smoking again is lurking round that corner. Any advice you or others have on how long to take would be... (33 replies)
... Minesota71, I had many lethargic days where I just couldn't seem to get motivated about anything. As a matter of fact, I still do, and I've been off Chantix for about six weeks now. ... (33 replies)
... I am on day 4 with Chantix. The side effects are very odd for me. All weekend and part of last week since I started this I have not accomplished a thing which is very odd for me. No one has said anything about laziness as a side effect. I am very concerned about this as I proceed into the coming week. Is it just me and how my body is reacting or does anyone else share... (33 replies)
... well thank you all so much. Tomorrow is officially my last day to smoke. I have been doing the activities that are on the chantix website. ... (10 replies)
... lf, so that is a good thing. Yes, I am one of those people who thought they could never do it and today is 3 months for me.. totally unbelievable. I also took Chantix and only started taking half of a blue pill in the am a week ago today and now it will be a half every other morning. ... (10 replies)
... So I have tried a cabillion times to stop smoking and never lasted 24 hours. I smoke 1 pack a day for 20 years. I am confused,am I to quit on my 7th day or quit on the eighth day. I have overcame pain pill addiction, lost 30 lbs, and many other hard things but these cigs have gotten me and I pray to god this is the beginning of my life as a non smoker. I would like to speak... (10 replies)
... Yep~ wanted a cig also but wanting and needing are two different things. Chantix really works with the needing part of it and we ourselves have to battle the wanting part. I will NOT give in. I will stay addicted now to my plastic straw coffee stirrer. I will work on that addiction sometime else. :D (26 replies)
... Can I ask why you want to continue with the Chantix for another 3 months? ... (26 replies)
... memaw how are you its been 100 days smoke free . i have gained 10lbs i work out 1 hr. 3 days a week. but i have increased appetite but i feel so much better. i think i will do another 3 months on chantix (26 replies)
... When I first started taking Chantix about a month ago I immediately noticed that I was overly tired, hungry a lot, and exercising was difficult. I persisted and continued picking up the pace. ... (26 replies)
... Traveller, Years ago the doctors used to tell us to go on 1000 calories a day to lose weight. Now how much do they want us to eat? I think 1000 calories should be enough to get the nutrition that a body needs. If I remember correctly from my weight watcher days, I ate 1200 calories. But they may do it differently now. My mama used do the 1000 calorie to lose fast too. ... (26 replies)
... Oh I don't think it's just the Chantix either. I think it's stopping the nicotine. ... (26 replies)
... Hi. I'm 5 1/2 months quit with Commmit Lozenge. Gained 3 pounds first 3 1/2months with the lozenge. Quit the lozenge 2 months ago. Bloated and constipated these last 2 months and gained another 3 pounds. Walk 4 miles everyday and am watching everything I eat. I don't think it's just the Chantix. Anyone quit longer than 6 months? Can you say when the weight settles down?(... (26 replies)

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