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... I came here to post because I see that many here are using Chantix. I've looked all over the Chantix website, and at the 'patient information' insert as well..and can't find an answer. ... (2 replies)
... I had nausea big time!!!! Indigestion like you wouldn't believe!! Tums help the indigestion. Eat as many as you want. I did!! Needed the calcium too. ... (4 replies)
Jul 15, 2015
... I am on Chantix 1mg in the morning. Didn't feel the need to take the other pill at night since I didn't have a strong urge to smoke plus it makes me nauseous. ... (0 replies)

... I am smoker for 24 years averaging a pack a day. I was able to quit smoking with the help of Chantix in 2009 for 11 months, only to relapse later. The first time I tried Chantix, it was kind of a miracle drug. I was able to quit smoking in just under a week. ... (6 replies)
... Any tips on how to help with the irritability without asking to prescribed another medication? ... (0 replies)
... I too find I absolutely have to eat beforehand, but i still get pretty sick. It seems to help if i also chase it with that full cup of water they talk about in the instructions. ... (9 replies)
... I cant help with the Chantix questions, but i will do my best on the others. ... (8 replies)
... I've done Chantix twice, first time quit for 8 months then thought I could just have one or two...boom, progress lost. It really does help with the anxiety,you just tell yourself "No" when you want one. ... (9 replies)
... Sounds like you are doing great! How long have you been on chantix? I'm on day 8, my quit date. I hope it works for me as it did you! Ginger (9 replies)
... Oh just for those who don't know what champix is it's the same as the tablets called chantix But champix is europes brand name and chantix is usa's brand. ... (9 replies)
... I have been growing concered about quitting the Chantix too. I'm worried my cigarette cravings will get stronger. I'm worried that I might have withdrawl or side effects from not taking Chantix. ... (9 replies)
... how to deal with it. It could really help me out!!! Thanks in Advance So much!! This could really be the The End to a New Beginning!! ... (2 replies)
... I have had all sorts of tests run and nothing has been found. However, the lab techs who did my tests stated they had had several people come in that had been on chantix and had the same problems. Is it possible that chantix caused this problem? ... (4 replies)
... rs off the desks and sit back down like nothing happened. LOL. I am NEVERRRRRRRR like this. I also feel like I'm on speed, but am thinking that the mixture of Chantix and 24oz of coffee isn't a good thing. Seriously this "music" thing has aggrivated me to the point that I'm shaking. ... (17 replies)
... lked to my friend a couple of weeks ago and told her about my crying and she said she did the same thing! I began to wonder if it was because we came off of the Chantix around the first of Dec. That's when I called my dr and told him maybe I should start my Buspar again. He upped the dosage a little. ... (1 replies)
Jan 28, 2008
... Then this morning I come back to work and my boss tells me that the FDA is waiting for a study to come back and then Chantix may go away. ... (28 replies)
... chemical depression, do have problems with post trumatic disorder. Take Zoloft and valum to suppress nightmares. worked well for 3yrs. Within a week of taking chantix they came back with a vengence. Also quit smoking after 30yr that week. Told it was the nicotine causing the nightmares to resume and it would go away. ... (6 replies)
... that's one reason you will still crave while on chantix just not as bad as cold turkey. Chantix does block the nicotene receptors if you smoke you will not get anything from your ciggy it's just like inhaling air. ... (2 replies)
... The mood issues shouldn't be ignored, IMO. Unfortunately, quitting smoking makes folks irritable, argumentative, depressed, anxious. And Chantix doesn't allow our brains to be "happy" while we're still smoking. ... (4 replies)
... I need to decide if I should keep taking them. I'm suppose to have started taking two tabs today, but couldn't get myself to do it because I dont know if its the chantix causing this or what. ... (11 replies)

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