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Chantix script
Apr 24, 2007
... Hang in there. The Chantix will work. But you've got to help it. When the time to quit gets here, you will see a big difference in your need to smoke. ... (12 replies)
... Skimmer....I'd wait to start on the Chantix after your vacation is behind you. ... (7 replies)
... My hubby, my mother and I now all have our Chantix prescriptions. ... (7 replies)

Chantix script
Apr 25, 2007
... Memaw shared with you a while back on how Chantix is normally prescribed as a stop smoking aid. Your doctor apparently is either not aware of recommended dosages or simply chose to give you a lower dose. ... (12 replies)
Chantix script
Apr 21, 2007
... I took the Chantix and have been quit for 8 months and 1 week. ... (12 replies)
Chantix script
Apr 20, 2007
... Hi and welcome! I'm on my 4th day of chantix. I start the two pill doseage today. didn't your prescription come in 4 seperate boxes? I didn't know it was sold in just prescription bottles. Honestly~ i would call your dr and tell him exactly what you have and ask him how he wants you to take it. Have you noticed a difference in your cig smoking? Does it taste bad... (12 replies)
Chantix script
Apr 20, 2007
... Hi everyone I have a question/concern about my prescription. The doctor that prescribed it told me he's heard great things about it but it is very new and did not know much other than what he has heard. Told me to search the internet for info about it (which is how I found this board and I'm glad I have). He tells me I am his first patient he has prescribed this for,... (12 replies)
... New Year holidays and decided to wait until it was all over too. I decided to start taking Chantix on January 15th of this year and quit two weeks later. I have been smoke free for over eight weeks now. ... (7 replies)
... My doctor was practically doing back flips writing the script and even gave me my first months free! ... (6 replies)
... Doctor didn't seem concerned and wrote me a script for Xanax to go with if I needed it. ... (1 replies)
... My insurance Blue Cross Blue Shield didnt cover Chantix. When i called they faxed somethint to my Primary Care Doctor and then it went before like a board to see if they would cover..........they did... much to my surprise. SO dont give up if your insurance deosnt cover, you can appeal it. My reasons were wont cover the pill, but b/c i have one kidney... (6 replies)
... It is recommended to at least do the three months. My dr. gave me a script for six months. I took it as directed the first month and after that, I cut myself back to one blue pill a day because I had enough of the stomach problems. ... (17 replies)
... I have my script for Chantix and will fill it at the beginning of next week. ... (1 replies)
... Traveler I know you didn't use chantix what did you use? ... (20 replies)
... i go back and forth about what to do.i went out yesrerday with the script to get it filled but changed my mind at the last min. ... (7 replies)
... it when I couldn't smoke. That does work so well that I have gone 8 plus hours without a cig. When we lived in another state my doc for over 25 years gave me the script and said he would rather see me use these all the time instead of a cig. When we moved here I got another script from this doctor. ... (20 replies)
... Thanks Nuffs for your reply, I did read the little folder that came with the script and have also been on the Chantix website, as well as Pfizer site. ... (5 replies)
... Has anyone done a second round with Chantix? I quit 5 months ago on Chantix. Took it for 3 mos. and weaned the last few weeks. 2 months later I had a few smokes and then a few packs then called the doc for another script. I started (over) right away and am now on day 9. Yesterday I noticed they are tasting pretty yucky so I am thinking tomorrow or the next day I will quit.... (3 replies)
Chantix Newbie
Mar 7, 2007
... I keep reading wonderful things on this board about how good Chantix works. ANY encouragement one can give me I would appreciate! ... (15 replies)
Mar 30, 2012
... I have been on Champix (South African name for Chantix) for a month (and stopped smoking 10 days ago :D), and this is my second time on the drug. After the first failed attempt my doc said i could start again no problem (which was a month later). Also, on the info sheet in the pack it states that should the patients relapse, their doc should recommend starting the drug again.... (1 replies)

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