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... I have been lurking on this board for a while after taking Chantix. I also have had some really bad side effects. ... (15 replies)
... Well, I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. It's so hard to tell if what a lot of us are experiencing are Chantix or quit smoking effects or a combination of both. ... (7 replies)
... Hi there is alot of side effects with chantix not so sure about holy basil!!! its good stuff talk with you doc. ... (13 replies)

... one beer or glass of wine makes me a bit ill....anyways only took for 6 weeks as was a bit worried and still not smoking 2 months later, but still have the same side effects... thought they'd go away...NOT.... ... (15 replies)
... Today is day 4. Seems to be getting a little easier with the anxiety. I am going to ask about the Holy Basil. I am not sure if that has side effects to it so I better check the web. I just cant believe I have made it 4 days already. I cant wait unitl I can say weeks , months and then years!!!!!! ... (13 replies)
... The doc who wrote you the rx for Chantix knows you take Prozac, right? ... (57 replies)
Odd side effects
Dec 8, 2007
... I am on day seven of chantix and have had the insomnia. I am also bipolar so I have ambian and xanax to sleep. ... (11 replies)
... I weaned myself off, as I'd read on other sites of so many people having Chantix withdrawals quitting the med cold turkey. ... (7 replies)
... Unfortunately depression is a symptom of nicotine withdrawal. It shouldn't last more than a week or two. The Chantix helps with the withdrawal but you have to work on the "habit" part. ... (19 replies)
Weird side effects
Feb 28, 2007
... I'm so sorry the Chantix didn't work out for you. Let us know what method you decide to use to quit....cold turkey, nicotine replacement, etc. ... (46 replies)
... to my stomach. Everything that I have read on nicotine addiction tells me that 1 cig is going to cause a complete relapse. Anyone have experience with slips on Chantix and even after and yet, continued successfully with their quit? ... (0 replies)
... well no one can say how long anything lasts because everyone is individual, and the drug is fairly new. are you under the care of a psych doctor? are the palpitations caused by anxiety, you didn't mention if you had that, just the depression and rage and thoughts of suicide. what is your history from before quitting smoking on chantix? i'm sorry to hear you are going... (2 replies)
... Some of the problems are the same ones not smoking causes, like compromised sense of balance and general spaceyness, only more severe. When I first went off the Chantix, all at once, I also had upset stomach, dierrhea, anxiety, and a lot of odd body sensations. I went back to taking it and now am slowly getting off but I feel spaced out most of the time, am anxious my balance... (7 replies)
Weird side effects
Feb 28, 2007
... well i decided to stop chantix because of to many bad side effects. it sux because i was so excited to use this. i feel like i have bad bronchitis and i was getting very bad anxiety attacks after i would take my second . ... (46 replies)
Weird side effects
Feb 27, 2007
... hey everyone. has anyone gotten any weird side effects like anxiety, shakiness, breathing problems from chantix? ... (46 replies)
... Hi there. Congratulations on your quit :) First, don't do anything crazy!!!! Your family would be devastated. You must know deep down you can't hurt them this way. Regarding the way you feel, can I ask how long you smoked? Was smoking a part of half of your life or more? Now, I'm no corporate or pharma apologist. Far from it. You can even look at my prior posts... (2 replies)
... I am going on one month now -- haven't had a puff in five days -- the medicine seems to be much easier to deal with -- whether it is my learning how to time my eating around it to help relieve the sickness, or doing mind-over-matter -- it's not as bad. I don't have anxiety (any more than usual) or medicine head ALTHOUGH my dreams are still really wild. Even though I take... (15 replies)
... For what it's worth, I'll offer my experiences. This morning would make day 3 of the pills for me. Half an hour after taking the dose (I was already at work), I felt like I had just done LSD or something - major anxiety attacks, rubbery legs, blurred and tunnel vision, major gas (I'm embarrassed to say), all of which made me pretty unfunctional. I managed to drive myself... (15 replies)
... patch, gum, zyban, I've tried it all with no success. I gave Chantix a try and I have to tell you, even though most of you may already know, the first week was wild. ... (37 replies)
... I started taking Chantix on the 14th and stopped smoking on the 23rd, my 10th day. ... (57 replies)

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