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... My husband gave me this funny look, then I think he might have realized it was from giving up smoking. Grrrrr. But I feel pretty good today. Just not sleeping great and so am kind of tired some of the time during the day. ... (57 replies)
Jul 25, 2007
... Ariel and Mekales, I hope you guys are feeling a little better today. I'm a pretty moody person anyway and I've got a bit of a quick temper sometimes, so I don't think I'd notice if this made me any moodier. hah! StenoLady is right about getting in a zone - that's what I try to do. I don't know if you guys watch much tv, but that has helped me a lot. I don't feel guilty... (161 replies)
Jul 23, 2007
... Btw, I toss and turn all night long -- hardly get any sleep at all. Is this what some of you mean by having "trouble sleeping"? Does this last indefinitely? I hope not! (161 replies)

... Thanks so much BeachLover74! The buzz I feel could be better described as a little bit of nervous energy and heavier breathing. It's not bad though. I feel it most when I'm sitting still. I took my first night pill last night and did have some trouble sleeping. I'm having very vivid dreams that seem to go on for hours. Like others have said on here, I'm enjoying the... (41 replies)
Jul 17, 2007
... and so can sleep in if I like, and I have been sleeping in more lately. So.... I guess I must be more tired but the days are okay because I'm getting a bit extra rest. ... (161 replies)
... no matter what method you choose. I smoked my last cigarette last Tuesday morning, around 10 a.m. I was a bit "lost" until Saturday. Just out of it. Sleeping a lot, irritable at times, sad at times, a little weepy. Saturday morning was my first really "good" day, and it's gotten better and better since then. ... (2 replies)
4th day on Chantix
Apr 20, 2007
... Day 3 for me - havent noticed much - not sleeping well is about it I havent cut back on smoking at all, but do notice I dont seem to be thinking about smoking either. The plan for today is clean my bedroom top to botom and make it a no smoking room - then tomorrow the living room and the house becomes a no smoking house. Those are the only rooms I really ever smoke in -... (5 replies)
... Welcome to the club Optomistic, I was also very concerned about the dreams. So far I havenít had any bad ones. They have been very vivid and some nights I look forward to sleeping to see whatís on my mental TV next. Anyhow, best of luck to you. You can do it!! (37 replies)
... I am going to look at the bright side of yawning, if I am sleeping I am not smoking. ... (44 replies)
... Are you sleeping well? ... (10 replies)
Feb 16, 2007
... I just got the prescription filled and it is 2 pm. Is it too late to start today. I just finished lunch and don't think the upset stomach is a problem but I am worried about sleeping. Anyone ever have problems with the nighttime doses? I'm so excited to try after reading all the posts on this miracle I don't want to wait. Starting on a Friday just in case there are any... (4 replies)
... took a stronger sleeping pill. ... (16 replies)
... It sounds like maybe you came off the Chantix too quickly. Like Memaw said, maybe try nicotine replacement therapy or something else. As long you don't smoke again. ... (16 replies)
Apr 10, 2007
... the chantix is a lifesaver as far as the smoking goes. Sometimes I feel so far away from smoking but occasionally that urge hits like a hammer. ... (19 replies)
... I don't know if the sleeping late is from going to bed too late or the pill. ... (23 replies)
Through the haze
Jul 19, 2007
... antly splitting them and taking a half four times a day. At one point, I began forgetting to take my bedtime half, and I found I was feeling MUCH better. I was sleeping better, enjoying the dreams more, had more energy during the day. So that's when I realized I could absolutely do it on one and a half milligrams per day. ... (8 replies)
... Hi, I told my father that if he quit smoking then so would I. Well, he told me around the first of the year that his doctor gave him a script for Chantix and that it was supposed to be some good stuff so I went to my doctor and also got a script. ... (16 replies)
... rst week or two on Chantix, but starting last Thursday, three days into his quit, he became severely depressed. His libido is gone, has no energy at all, and is sleeping between 16 and 18 hours a day. It's not a "needy" depressive state, either. ... (9 replies)
... a.m., after being on Chantix for two weeks and a day. Having a tough time. ... (7 replies)
... guess luckily for me I caught bronchitis from the 17th through the 27th. I thought the sickness was just the horrible side effects of quitting smoking and using chantix until my girlfriend forced me to the doctors and sure enough I was days from pneumonia. ... (12 replies)

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