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... And you will continue to feel better, congratulations keystone, you are awesome!! :blob_fire :blob_fire Wow, wow and wow dobie!! Keep up the fantastic job!! :bouncing: :bouncing: maryber, my sense of smell came back very quickly too, isn't it amazing? But not as amazing as you for be being quit for 15 days!!! :blob_fire :bouncing: Skimmer, so what if it's... (27 replies)
... Thanks everyone for your encouragement! I really need it. I've only had 2 today, but today was supposed to be my quit day. The cigs are starting to taste funny, so that's a good sign. ... (27 replies)
... Keystone, I decided to bite the bullet and quit on Friday, my husband's last day was Friday a.m., so I decided to join him. It wouldn't be fair to smoke the weekend in front of him, and the sooner I quit, the better!! So, we're doing good so far!! ... (27 replies)

... days smoke free is WONDERFUL!! Keep it up. You are doing so good. Aren't you proud of yourself? ... (27 replies)
... Congrats on day 2 of being smoke free! ... (27 replies)
... It's now day 2 and I've taken my second pill I have a question, Chantix blocks nicotine from having any affect, anyone have it to where into the 2nd day it started inhibiting the nicotine? ... (27 replies)
... How long have you been smoke free? ... (27 replies)
... i ended up needing to take it for 2 wks before my quit. ... (27 replies)
... Hey there Skimmer, just go to the beach tomorrow and forget to take that pack! Then you can have one when you get home if you want! Monday will come quick enough. :angel: :angel: (27 replies)
... I tried to quit in 2001 and on day 2, my Mother died in a freak car accident!! Needless to say, the quit was out the window and it took me another almost 5 years to get back to it. ... (27 replies)
... days smoke free!! YIPPEEEE!!! ... (27 replies)
... days smoke free!!! ... (27 replies)
... Welcome to you!! Congratulations on your decision to become smoke free!! ... (27 replies)
... Day 2 was a lot harder than day one, whew! But, I made it! I did call my Dr. though and get some samples of Rozerem. I know I dreamed last night, I just don't remember them. ... (27 replies)
... Good for you Maryber! 15 days, that AWESOME! I can't wait to get there. Tomorrow is my quit day, I've had 2 today and could go out there and smoke the 4 remaining packs I have right now. I start my blue pills tomorrow. ... (27 replies)
... too thought the same thing. Why is it working for everyone else but me. It took 12 days of Chantix for my system to get the full effect of the drug. On that 13th day I had no cravings or urges to smoke. I am on day 2 smoke free and absolutely no cravings for that cancer stick. Hang in there your day is coming. ... (18 replies)
Day 2 smoke free
May 3, 2004
... for quitting and they really do help.I just wanted to post some encouragement for anyone thinking they can't quit,I know this is just my second day,but I LOVE to smoke and have been very addicted for a long time,so if I can hang in there and do it,so can you.. ... (1 replies)
... til after the weekend to stop smoking, I smoked double on the weekends than I did during the whole week. I completely understand..... You just might not want to smoke or at least cut down over the weekend since you are starting the blue pills, either way.... ... (27 replies)
... Yesterday was day one and went really well. I think the thing I missed the most was the ritual of smoking, and not the actual smoke and nicotine itself. I had to laugh at myself a few times last week when I actually forgot my breaks at work. Chantix does help a great deal. ... (27 replies)
... Skimmer, it doesn't sound lame at all. I did the same thing: my original quit date would have been 2/9 (a Friday) but I delayed until 2/12. I used the w/e to have my last "while driving", "while drinking", "while on the phone", etc. etc. At 9PM Sun. (2/11) I had my final cigarette so it's been One week, four days, 10 hours, 36 minutes and 38 seconds. 343 cigarettes not... (27 replies)

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