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... Hi DaVinci....EXACTLY,'s that cement texture I like...and the taste of it....and the nicotine!! LOL Hey, I know you mean well kiddo, but you'd just have to be in these zapatos to know,'s just not that easy! ... (7 replies)
... and ME BOTH!!!!! LOL hee hee...I've been trying to get off of it for months now, and my hubby has too. He quit smoking 3 years ago this month, and is still chewing the g. ... (20 replies)
... Glad to help! I hope more people will see my story and think twice before using the nic gum. ... (6 replies)

... I just had to answer your post, cuz my own story is very similar! ... (6 replies)
... and she was even younger than I was when she was diagnosed, and she never touched a ciggy in her life, nor my auntie, her mom. A lot of us are just predisposed to it genetically, I think....maybe the smoking speeds up the damage. ... (28 replies)
... Hi. That's good you've decided to try to get off of this gum. It's isn't easy, but it is doable... ... (6 replies)
... t give yourself credit too, you guys are still using your own strength and determination, don't forget! I think a few side affects are worth putting up with just to be able to conquer this beast, huh? ... (75 replies)
... That was a very nice, and interesting email, thank you! I'm not really going back and forth between patch and gum's just all GUM...and to tell you the truth, I'm so sick of it. I think had I stayed on the patch, I would've got off of it long ago. ... (20 replies)
... I'm glad to hear that things are getting better for you. It's wonderful that your thyroid meds are finally helping! I will continue praying for you. ... (13 replies)
... Good on you for taking the hardest step of all. Simply WANTING to quit and making the final decision to chuck the demon tubes away was by far the hardest thing I had to face when I quit. ... (10 replies)
... If you still haven't decided whether or not to use medication to help you quit, now is the time to do so before your quit day. There are many ways you can help yourself quit smoking. ... (17 replies)
... Smart move, Marian, going back on the patch, instead of going back to trying to kill oneself. Good for you and pats on your back! ... (4 replies)
Heres Your Sign
Oct 4, 2006
... You first need to want to quit. What made me want to quit is thinking about the price, how I felt in the morning, the cough you get after smoking a lot of cigarettes, etc.... For you, it's probably your first hand experience, along with several other reasonings. ... (4 replies)
... Every attempt to quit is different and just because a past attempt to quit that failed doesn't mean that it will be as hard THIS attempt to quit. I say NEVER give up. That's what I said to myself the last time I attempted to quit smoking back in 2005 after surgery. ... (5 replies)
... I agree with you so much that our failed attempts were part of the process of quitting. It's like those quits were stepping stones on this path to our last and final quit. ... (23 replies)
... It was a single episode, but it scared me enough to quit my alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine dependancies right then and there. ... (10 replies)
... Yes, I believe you about the lozenges and the digestive problems!! I know...I've been meaning to post a warning on this board, and I'm still planning to do that, soon. ... (8 replies)
... hdrawal process. As my Doctor pointed out, the patches that I used were and are considerably less harmful than the cigarettes I was puffing...because in addition to the nicotine one inhales, there are countless other chemicals and carcinogens in cigarettes that we inhale when we smoke. ... (29 replies)
... gum. I don't know where you live but here in the UK my doctor prescribed me to use both the patch and 2mg gum when I was getting one of those bad cravings. But he advised not to use more than 8 pieces of gum a day. ... (3 replies)
... ater. But...I made up for that addiction by smoking almost two packs a day. My Aunt died of lung cancer from smoking in 2003 and still I kept smoking. I began to have other health problems not directly related to smoking and still I kept smoking, although I began to try to quit halfheartedly. ... (15 replies)

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