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... deciding that it is time to quit. I firmly believe that a person won't be successful in quitting until they are ready to quit. I quit smoking on April 30th, the day I had my second daughter. I smoked for 13 years, and for the last 8 or so I smoked 2 and a half packs a day. ... (3 replies)
... you start back at square one! If you were to continually smoke one cigarette every 3 days you would remain at peak withdrawal and peak discomfort, literally torturing yourself forever! ... (3 replies)
My quit day
Jul 8, 2005
... I also started to drink MASSIVE amounts of water which made me feel generally I carry a huge bottle of water everywhere I go, and when I want a cigarette I just gulp water. And likes someone said, the cravings hardly last all day, it's just a few seconds or a few minutes, and then you focus on something else. ... (4 replies)

... you really want to do it, it's amazing how determined you can become to beat it. There have been a couple of times when i have thought i really could do with a cigarette but the biggest help is remember to remain as calm as possible, relax and remain positive, remind yourself why your doing this and all the benefits. ... (3 replies)
... When I quit smoking years ago, it lasted 5 months. Someone offered me a cigarette, and that was it. One led to 15 more. This time, I can't even trust myself to have one puff, nevermind one cigarette. ... (11 replies)
... there's never a good time to quit because we'll always have an excuse. You know there will never be a perfect time to quit. You could pick one and later that day find out something so stressful that it's no longer that time. ... (19 replies)
... the cravings were REALLY bad towards the end of today. my mind has been in a constant tug of war between buying a pack just to have 'one' cigarette and sticking with the quit. ... (30 replies)
... Sometimes, knowing you'll never, ever, EVER for the rest of you life, have even ONE cigarette, is too overwhelming and can make it worse. ... (13 replies)
... I tried Chantix and my doctor took me off, after having memorable, horrific, bloody nightmares and extreme nausea. Doctor said not worth that. I had quit for 3 months on it however. But mostly due to being in hospital (for other reason). Soon after quitting this product, I smoked (only one) cigarette, which then, of course, lead right back to my usual smokes per day (too... (6 replies)
... Congratulations on one week smokefree!!!! Great accomplishment!! ... (7 replies)
... I find 1 cigarette either after my meal or while im working helps relax me. But im concerned as ive heard that it doesnt matter if you smoke 1 a day or 20, your still doing the SAME damage to your lungs. ... (2 replies)
... went off the patch 3 weeks ago and since then I have had problems with depression and now am not sleeping well. I am also getting some anxiety. Apparently I am one of those who have a problem getting off of the nicotine. I don't have physical symptoms but mood symptoms due to the dopamine . ... (13 replies)
... m wanting a cigarette in a really bad way. ... (23 replies)
... It's been 11 days. I messed up day 4, but have stuck pretty well since. ... (2 replies)
... Yes. Then in a variety of situations, where you normally would smoke two in a row, you try to reduce to just one cigarette. Or whatever situation, you step down a little. ... (7 replies)
... I smoked a cigarette, it raised my hearbeat by about 20 beats more a minute. Smoking constricted my arteries and not only that, but the carbon monoxide from the cigarette was basically poisoning my blood's ability to carry oxygen. Creating an even greater strain on my heart. ... (4 replies)
... I just realized that it has only been 39 hours since my last cigarette!!! I keep thinking about smoking one, thinking to myself "What's one more cigarette? ... (11 replies)
... then there are a number of different ways to quit. just choose the one you think would work better for you. How to do that..? ... (7 replies)
... to test myself with a cigarette. Either its Chantix or not having a cigarette for 2 days, but I nearly barfed. I gagged and coughed and sputtered. It was the most disgusting thing ever. ... (6 replies)
... One cigarette will hurt!! You never know which cigarette you smoke will be the one that gives you cancer. You are playing Russian Roulette each time you light up. ... (6 replies)

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