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Feb 16, 2007
... Some people have sleep problems taking this drug, some don't. I slept like a baby. You won't know until you try it. ... (4 replies)
... I quit using chantix and had no problems with it. I am now 4 months smoke free. ... (8 replies)
Day 9 On Chantix
Dec 15, 2010
... And I would drink water all day as well so the urinary problems don't happen too. I like that were all in this together, misery loves company? ... (13 replies)

... I am currently on chantix now, and have heard horror stories from people either on it or trying to get off it. ... (3 replies)
... I've read on different websites that a possible side effect to the drug is anxiety attacks. An anxiety attack feels a lot like a heart attack. Your left arm will numb, your legs feel like jelly, there is a lump in your throat and your chest feels stuffy or clogged up. I already have an anxiety disorder, had it since 2001. On my eighth day of taking the med I had a near,... (1 replies)
Chantix - Day 1
Mar 9, 2008
... I have been experiencing alot of health problems and decided to be proactive and do everything in my power to improve my health. ... (18 replies)
... This has woke me up at night,grabbing for my chest. I am 39 years old and no heart problems in the past. I had to stopped taken the medication but I am still having the chest pains even two weeks after stopping. So, any ideas? ... (1 replies)
... There have been no problems for me. ... (3 replies)
Jan 29, 2008
... I think the drs dont know all about Chantix. My husband had no problems but when I first went on it I felt like I was speeding. Since going to 1 pill, today is the first day I have not had any anxiety. ... (28 replies)
... I am breathing heavy and I just started Chantix, has any one else had this problem? Maybe it's just the anxiety although I don't feel any yet? Hopefully it goes away in a few days because I really want to quit. (0 replies)
Day 4 of chantix
Nov 24, 2007
... One small step away. Don't give up, you can do it. I have a friend who took Chantix full dose for six weeks before he laid the cigs down. He just wasn't ready to give them up. ... (5 replies)
... what im finding with chantix is that it's like sending hte reinforcements in to battle. ... (30 replies)
... Hello Everyone... I Just Recieved My Script For Chantix And After Reading All Of Your Problems With This Im Terrified To Start Taking It...... ... (20 replies)
Oct 11, 2007
... In the interest of clarity, I want to add the following: I had very few ill effects from Chantix. 1. The first few days, I had a bit of queasiness after taking the morning pill. After that, I made sure to have some food (slice of peanut butter toast) and a FULL glass of water, and I had no further belly problems. 2. I had VIVID dreams for the first two weeks. The... (6 replies)
... Some of the problems are the same ones not smoking causes, like compromised sense of balance and general spaceyness, only more severe. ... (7 replies)
... I just started taking Chantix last week and am on day 4. I am having serious upset stomach, gas, and headache. I have tried indigestion medicine but it is not working. ... (11 replies)
... day not a bad one just a nagging one. Also do you have trouble sleeping mood swings and night sweats or hot flashes. Ihave not quit smoking as yet I have been on chantix two weeks and only smoke about 5 cigs a day was smoking 2 packs or more per day. ... (11 replies)
... Oh, I think I need some help here. I am on day 12 of being smoke-free. I am doing surprisingly well. Very minimal cravings. Even had some friends over for the weekend who were smokers and had no problems. They even offered one and I turned it down! My problem now is I am EXTREMELY sad and depressed! I cry all the time. I feel horrible!! I don't want to do... (31 replies)
... to the nurses....could you please tell me why it is so important to quit prior to surgery? and, is it okay to use the patch with nicotine in it? I have a prescription for Chantix, but I'm very "curious" about the problem with the surgery part of it. Is it the actual nicotine or something else in the cigarettes that causes problems. I've never been told before to quit with... (8 replies)
Jul 19, 2007
... So, here I am again, hoping third time will be a charm. I will start taking the Chantix this Saturday. I plan on quitting the following Saturday, but I will see how it goes. ... (161 replies)

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