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... t for the first time I used Nicoderm and that's what actually was happening to me, it was really strange as I was not coughing either and did not experience any shortness of breath before quitting. It all went away completely in a matter of month or so. Unfortunately, I resumed smoking after 18 months. ... (4 replies)
... I quit several times but i know this is the one. about 4 weeks now. But within the last couple of weeks I am short of breath. When i smoked I could always feel my heartbeat hard and started getting short of breath when I got home from work. I have high blood pressure too. ... (4 replies)
... but now tonight I feel really short of breath and some tightness in my chest. Could that be from not smoking? ... (2 replies)

... I had occasional short of breaths while quitting. ... (4 replies)
... Hope all of your quits are going well. Well, I have officially been 3 weeks without a cigarette. Still on the patch, but at the lowest 7mg dose, and doing well. ... (0 replies)
... Within 20 min. blood pressure, pulse rate and body temp of hand and feet return to normal. ... (1 replies)
... Almost everyone knows that smoking is bad for you but do you know all the benefits of quitting? ... (2 replies)
... Sorry to say that you really are never completely out of the woods. BUT, you can return your health pretty close to a nonsmoker. ... (3 replies)
... I have started smoking again, but I am making a determination on NEW YEARS to never get anywhere near nicotine again, I think one of my downfalls was trying an NRT and that little lease of nicotine through me just made the withdrawal worse. ... (3 replies)
... esent to myself. A VERY important one. the best one i would ever give myself. about 2 days before my last cig, i started to have a racing heart and palpatations, shortness of breath and light headedness. i slept slightly elevated because i had a hard time breathing, my chest felt very heavy no matter how i lay at night. ... (19 replies)
Too late?
May 29, 2004
... There are benefits to quitting smoking no matter how long you've smoked. Some of the benefits are immediate, some take longer. ... (16 replies)
... hours after quitting smoking the oxygen level in your body returns to normal. ... (4 replies)
... Congrats on quitting! I've been smoke-free for going on 3 weeks. I too had shortness of breath - scared me so much that I went to the ER. They did a chest xray & put me on an oxygen sensor but everything was fine. They said part of it is the lungs getting used to breathing air that doesn't contain all the toxins that cig smoke does - also part was anxiety. I started... (2 replies)
... environments. There were many people who looked at me like I was a complete idiot. They couldn't possibly understand how addicted I was. I used to quit a jobs after only one day, because I couldn't wait for a cigarette break. I would spend my lunch break chain smoking instead of eating. ... (5 replies)
Aug 19, 2004
... shortness of breath, not feeling good. Actually, before I was diagnosed, I developed this horrible cold which went to my lungs. Week after week went by, and I got worse and worse. ... (4 replies)
... smoking section, spend more time in parts of your home or workplace that are not associated with smoking if possible. ... (4 replies)
Thyroid Symptoms
Nov 7, 2006
... r bodies to heal. We do heal, but slowly. And don't forget what I told you that I read recently about that University study that was done in Pennsylvania....that quitting smoking brings about an inflammatory response in some people...yet they don't really understand why. ... (5 replies)
... well. i went on chantix and quit on my eighth day, and kept taking the pill for about a week more then i tapered off it because i was scared after reading people's side effects. even though i didn't really have any. in fact i was having some pretty wild dreams! ... (7 replies)
... I'm sorry you're feeling so lousy, after doing something that's so healthy and good for you! It could be depression, like guilty suggested, and anxiety. ... (24 replies)
... ou go without smoking. It's been 3 years for me now, and I'm starting to not worry so relax a little bit. I try as hard as I can to take excellent care of myself. ... (6 replies)

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