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... Anything you put into your body can be bad for you, moderation or not. And cancer is not exclusive to smoking. That is a personal chance you want to take but when cancer strikes I am sure it will not be in moderation. ... (7 replies)
... Very good advice, thank you. Yes I believe that every doctor would advise against it due to the unknown. I really wish I could find the exact answer im looking for such as ,"1 cigar a month does this to you, or 2 does that to you.... so on and so forth" but i realize that answer may not exist. I will keep searching though. If anyone has some more feedback id be glad to... (7 replies)
... It's difficult to determine what the risks are with such moderation. I'm not a doctor, and this is just my opinion. I did hear of a study, once, that even 'weekend' smokers put themselves at considerable risk. I would think you are less of a 'weekend' smoker and more of an 'occasional' smoker; you risk is probably (but don't quote me) the same as a person around second hand... (7 replies)

... This is exactly what i was thinking. I think it's a decision i must make for myself based upon my own research. Honestly, smoking is not important enough to me to possibly sacrifice my health, but i do enjoy smoking a cigar with friends from time to time. ... (7 replies)
... igar or cloved ciggarettes about once a month. I inhale the ciggarettes and just puff the cigars. Once a month i will have either 1 cigar, or maybe 3 cloved cigs in 1 sitting. My question to you is, is this bad for my health? ... (7 replies)
... i have always heard that anything in moderation is not going to majorly affect your health. personally....i think you will be fine.... ... (4 replies)
... I am sending you some understanding that is for sure!!! When I quit I just blew up..I gain about 25 in less that 3 months. Some of it water, some of it me eating more and my body adjusting. ... (16 replies)
... Why don't you ask your Doctor..... I suspect that this could be the type of question that you ask 3 Doctors and may get 3 different opinions. (7 replies)
... That is one answer that im very sick of hearing honestly. I want to know actualy statistics whether or not its bad or not for you to have a cigar a month. If a doctor comes on and says that it's bad for this and this reasons, i will be very happy with that answer. (7 replies)
... It sounds like you only want to hear one answer. :yawn: (7 replies)
... luding getting a grip on my weight. The best thing about losing weight is that you do not have to give up what you like forever. Just for a short time and then in moderation. You can do this!! ... (8 replies)
... drink and smokers smoke simply because that's what addicts do. I stopped drinking 25 years ago. I no longer crave alcohol but it's a damn shame I can't use it in moderation like most people. And I recall too vividly what's it's like to be a slave to alcohol. ... (9 replies)
... I was actually going off the deep end last night..Went through all the draws in the house looking for a cigar..Luckily there were none.. Its really hard..but I know now that the occasional cigar just makes the whole habit harder to give up.. ... (29 replies)
... too much of anything, or anything extended release. I don't think a quick nic fix from the gum is going to hurt your baby at all, especially not compared to you smoking instead? ... (10 replies)
... (5 replies)
Weight gain
Nov 5, 2005
... Whenever I get the urge to smoke, which is usually at work, I just drink water until it passes. Only drink carbonated drinks in moderation. As far as candy goes, I have stayed away from it. ... (14 replies)
Feb 28, 2007
... Twice daily low cal hot chocolate drink. 40 cals and a real confort drink. Don't know if you guys have this in the US but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. ... (20 replies)
... she'd make me lose that 25 in a week! ... (16 replies)
... I never ever wanted to be a smoker in the first place, but caved in to peer pressure and just didn't care anymore as I had just been dumped by my first love. ... (4 replies)

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