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... I quit smoking in July of 'O3, and was very successful,....I'm still not smoking. My husband quit about 7 months before I did...he quit with the nic gum, and me with the patch. I was on the patch for a long time, about 14 months, or so. ... (6 replies)
... Hi,i am also a chantix user ,i smoked 45 years and just found out i have copd,i started chantix 1 month ago,the first 3 week ,i still smoked 1 or2 a day,then the smoke made me so sick to smell,i could not smoke a cig. ... (14 replies)
Chantix 2011 User
Aug 27, 2011
... I did quit for six months then stupidly took a 'drag' at christmas and started smoking again. ... (14 replies)

... Yes, I believe you about the lozenges and the digestive problems!! I know...I've been meaning to post a warning on this board, and I'm still planning to do that, soon. ... (8 replies)
... I'm a soon to be second time quitter, and this time around, I'm much more anxious about it. I've had stomach problems that have gone undiagnosed for about 9 months. ... (3 replies)
... Chantix really worked for me. It will stop you from smoking if you stick to the medicine. Sticking to the medicine is hard for some as some get bad side effects and some get mild ones and some get hardly any. ... (3 replies)
... I have been meaning to do an update, so I will do it here. I have been taking Chantix for 5 weeks now. So 4 weeks and I have not smoked!!!! I am so happy about that. I can say one month now instead of weeks or days. ... (20 replies)
Day 11 on Nicoderm
Jan 19, 2004
... I quit 3.5 months ago with patches and nic gum. I didn't have any stomach problems with the patch but I did with the gum. ... (2 replies)
... I have been through the same type of experience. I quit smoking last August and ever since it seems my health has gone down hill. ... (27 replies)
Feeling Guilty
Dec 9, 2007
... to 1 pack per day. About almost a month ago, I decided I would quit. I've been having stomach problems for 10 months, and my doc suggested that quitting might help. Have any of you had digestive troubles that were helped by quitting smoking? ... (5 replies)
Day 14 - My Story
Aug 15, 2003
... I am 25 years old, and started smoking occasionally when I was about 18. ... (2 replies)
Feeling Guilty
Dec 12, 2007
... Thank you, Fibrana! I appreciate your honesty and it's interesting to hear how you've handled your own quitting situation. ... (5 replies)
A year already?
Jul 25, 2006
... I smoked for 18 years. I forgot to tell you all that in my other post. The perfect day.....yes, that was a good one for me to start smoking or not attempt to stop. That's why I made sure to throw that one in there. Trust me, I know all your excuses and lies that you tell yourself. ... (6 replies)
... It is recommended to at least do the three months. My dr. gave me a script for six months. I took it as directed the first month and after that, I cut myself back to one blue pill a day because I had enough of the stomach problems. My dr. ... (17 replies)
... Ok, so I am trying to quit smoking because it will make my stomach and esophagus problems better.... and it will save me thousands and live longer too! ... (3 replies)
... Zyban and ended up in the hospital with a severe case of hives and swelling. I was so happy when Chantix came out because although I've tried the patch several times, I always went back to smoking. ... (11 replies)
... Newbie here...My husband was on Chantix and finished it. Totaly quit smoking, the only problem was that from day one his moods have changed. He was always angry. After he finished he started feeling tired all the time. His moods got worse. It's almost as if he has no emotions at all now. It's affecting our kids and myself. ... (25 replies)
May 25, 2007
... I am on chantix and have been smoke free for 9 days. I think it is a great way to quit smoking. Only felt sick to my stomach the first day, after that I always take it with more problems. I do have vivid dreams thats a plus! Get started you only have the cigs to lose....GOOD LUCK! ... (161 replies)
... Congratulations on your quit over a month ago!!! ... (16 replies)
... Yuck" is right... I still smell it around the house every once in awhile. Smoke is so damned destructive!!! Sheesh... ... (30 replies)

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