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Jun 13, 2001
... yr job and sell this stuff full time and retire next year. Sulfonil attaches itself to receptor sites which long for nicotine stimulation and binds up for life completely eliminating the cravings. ... (5 replies)
May 7, 2001
... Sulfonil sounds like a good product for quitting smoking, but thorne lost it's license to make sulfonil or something, and I can't find any place to buy it. ... (0 replies)
Apr 20, 2009
... Just ordered a bottle of Sulfonil, unfortunately before reading on this board that it isn't manufactured any longer?? Does any one know anything about this stuff. It sounds like a true miracle. (0 replies)

Mar 7, 2008
... My niece is 5 months pregnant and wants to use Sulfonil to quit smoking. Since this product has not been tested on pregnant women, should she wait until after delivery. ... (0 replies)
Jul 13, 2001
... I was under the impression that the company that makes sulfonil went out of business or some other complication and isn't making sulfonil anymore, and that biocrave is the same stuff as sulfonil? ... (5 replies)
... Wow! I'd never even heard of this thing. It actually works? I searched for it on google, and got lots of hits. You can apparently buy it at: http://www.********************.com/Monographs/sulfonil.html BTW, I agree with a previous poster that you have to stay busy. I also keep hard candies in my pocket. And sometimes, I take a deep breath, say my mantra and the urge... (7 replies)
Jan 8, 2001
... There is hope. Sulfonil attaches to these same receptors even better than nicotine! The result is that there is no more craving for tobacco. Addiction has ended. ... (6 replies)
... The supplement Sulfonil which has been used effectively for smoking cessation has been taken over by a new company and slightly different formulation. ... (29 replies)
... I was very successful with a product called Sulfonil - I quit with no side effects and only occasionally when smelling the scent of a freshly lighted cig do I think I would like one - mostly they just stink to me now. I quit 6 months ago - My son has been told by his Dr. to quit now - and I can no longer reach the source I used before. Sulfonil is inexpensive ($10.00 per 60... (7 replies)
Oct 30, 2007
... What's the recommended dosage for this supplement? (0 replies)
Nov 15, 2006
... basal1999--- What is it??? Is it an herb, or something? I never heard of it. :confused: Deda (1 replies)
Nov 14, 2006
... anyone know if this can be taken with the patch? thanks for any info, kris (1 replies)
... I'm ready to try again. I've been sitting here making a list of reasons to quit. I've nearly filled an entire legal sized page. I'm desperate. My husband and I have both decided it's time, for reasons too numerous to list. Some people say you have to be "ready" before you can quit. I can't wait for that to happen. Time is not on my side. My sister already has emphysema... (10 replies)
Jan 25, 2006
... It supposedly binds to the nicotine receptors in your brain. My cravings are way less severe than the other times I tried quitting...I don't know if it's the sulfonil or I really wanted to quit this time. ... (9 replies)
Jan 25, 2006
... Hi :) I'm just curious...what is Sulfonil??? :confused: An herb?? Whatever it is, I'm glad it's working for you, are doing so great!! Keep it up- ->forever!!!! Ciao... Deda (9 replies)
Jan 25, 2006
... Ditto on Nuffs and Deda. I smoked two packs a day for 20 years, and I tried many times to "just cut back some", but it never works. As hard as it is, stopping altogether is the only way. The good news is nowadays there are plenty of "assistive devices" to help you stop...Wellbutrin, Nicorette, and, what I tried and am real happy with, Sulfonil. Don't worry, you can do it!... (9 replies)
... That's what I was wondering if I should do...basically smoke myself sick (I know I had a bad run-in with tequila as a teen...haven't been able to so much as catch a small wiff without feeling nausous now). This time I'm through...not only do my kids and wife want me to quit in the worst way, but I'm just plain ol' sick and tired of being chained to this damn habit. I'm ready... (7 replies)
... Hi all, been smoking for far too long (20 yrs, the last 5 have been 2 packs a day) and after many failed attempts to quit, I think (no, I know) this time I'll win. My quit day is this Friday (Jan 6) and I want to it right this time. Any tips on how to prepare for "the day"? I've scoured the board, and know what to expect during the first few smoke-free weeks, and I have... (7 replies)
Jul 16, 2001
... I only used Sulfonil for 7 days and I have no more cravings from cigs..If bio crave is same thing, great. Now, I forgot I smoked until I hear about tobacco or see someone smoking... ... (5 replies)
Jul 10, 2001
... Just found out I can't post any info on Sulfonil (I guess it keeps sales people from trying to use this bullitin board to pitch their stuff) so just hunt it down on your own..It is a great product and the easiest way to quit smoking w/ no pain!! (5 replies)

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