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... I really don't think it is worth pre planning weaning off Chantix in too much detail. At the moment you don't know how you will respond. For me, it was NOT how I expected. In hindsight I wish I had stopped the med abruptly. ... (7 replies)
... stay on that for the remainder of your 3 months. Also have you thought of splitting the pills into 0.5mg twice a day to spread the load a bit. Having weaned off Chantix myself, I know that 1mg in 2 doses is still effective once you are used to it. Good luck and kep us posted. ... (8 replies)
... Thanks. So the weaning is the reverse of starting... decreasing the amount of mg. taken a day? ... (7 replies)

... Mine turned out to be my thyroid, I had quit the Chantix thinking it was causing my pain, but in my case after a long investigation, it was my thyroid. But, as Mary says, don't ingnore your pain! ... (8 replies)
... Well, folks, I'm 9 days away from ending my three months on Chantix. I wanted to share something that I've begun to notice in the past 4 days of the weaning process: I can't sleep. One of those nights, I only got 3 hrs. sleep (even after taking 2 sleeping pills), one night I slept well (took a stronger sleeping pill.) It's like I'm wired....4:00 AM could just as easily be... (16 replies)
... I'm so sorry that Chantix was affecting you this way!! How painful! But by the time you are weaned off the Chantix, you will have taken it at least two months. ... (8 replies)
... Well he looked it up and Chantix can cause Myofascial pain, and after ruling some other things out in me, he thinks that is what is going on. ... (8 replies)
... to 'quit' day. Anyway, I called and they're going to mail me the Rx but she said that I would need to see him in May for 'weaning' off the pill. I didn't think weaning was necessary? ... (7 replies)
... I haven't taken the Chantix for 4 weeks now. ... (8 replies)
... Anyone having muscle or bone pain on Chantix, don't take it lightly. Chantix destroyed my life. For 18 months now since I took Chantix, my healthy body took a turn for the worse. ... (8 replies)
... I am wondering the same things as you are. I had been on Chantix for 8 weeks. I smoked regularly through week 3 and then tapered down to one a day until 15 days ago.....went smoke free. Yipeee!!! ... (37 replies)
... Yeah, I didn't even count the days, because I am weaning myself. But it was somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd week on Chantix I quit. Probably the third, because during the second week I cut way down before actually quitting. ... (27 replies)
... If I'm reading correctly, you tapered off for 11 days. Does this mean, then, that you completed the full 12 weeks on the Chantix and then another 11 days on the weaning process? ... (7 replies)
... If I'm reading correctly, you tapered off for 11 days. Does this mean, then, that you completed the full 12 weeks on the Chantix and then another 11 days on the weaning process? ... (1 replies)
... ow and feel great about it! I haven't had the terrible side affects so many people have reported except for constipation and headaches. I am now thinking about weaning myself off slowly as I have 3 weeks left of Chantix and can't afford to buy anymore. Should I wait until the last week and take 1 mg daily instead of 2mg? ... (3 replies)
... and he wishes I would continue to take Chantix and not smoke. I told him I wasn't smoking and I didn't want to quit the Chantix yet, but wanted to report my blood pressure. ... (6 replies)
... Hello Xenakyna. I'm pretty new on here too but welcome. I'm on day 7 of chantix and tomorrow is my quit day. I'm really excited. So what kind of "buzz" are you feeling? ... (41 replies)
... er disease. No kidding it was that unusual. I noticed the muscle pain in my legs as well. I just did not know what to make of it. I did not associate it with the Chantix but now I do. I never in my life had that kind of sensation or that kind of pain before. ... (8 replies)
... Pfiezer & Chantix reps will tell you that you do not need to wean off chantix. However, many people I've known on chantix, including myself found it more "comforting" to do just that - to ease it out of our bloodstream, just as when you begin you gradually add it to your bloodstream. Hope this helps! (7 replies)
... This is my second week using Chantix and I have to say it works magic! I just took the MCATs this weekend and I should have been a smoking chimney nervous wreck but amazingly enough, I wasn't. ... (4 replies)

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