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... I know when I tried to quit about 7 yrs ago with made cigs taste nasty. But I hit a stressful situation and kept smoking along with Wellbutrin. I had to give up one and it was the Wellbutrin. ... (1 replies)
... I've been on xanax for a couple of years for anxiety issues. I take it rarely though. Doc put me on generic wellbutrin and told me to take the xanax when I need it. The seizure thing, from what I've read, can result from taking wellbutrin while in rapid withdrawel from xanax. ... (18 replies)
... I tried both at the same time and at seperate times. I would start out with the xanax. It is fast acting and does not stay in your system as long. The wellbutrin takes a while to get in your system and a few days to get it out. ... (18 replies)

... i personally do not think that if you start wellbutrin tonight....that it will work for you that quick. most people are on it for a week or two before quitting smoking... ... (25 replies)
... Wellbutrin and Xanax are a common combination for those of us who suffer from depression with bouts of anxiety. ... (6 replies)
... my dr. just wrote me a prescription for wellbutrin and i'm already taking xanax for anxiety he thinks it okay but.... ... (6 replies)
... Yes, you can take the xanax during the day. Like someone said...split it in half if you need to. For some reason a month after my quit I start to panick and anxiety attacks. The xanax made me feel "normal" you could say. ... (18 replies)
... my experiences with wellbutrin xl 300 mg.........i have tried it 3 times....2 times was for only a month each.... ... (3 replies)
... thanks for your kind words. losing dad...especially in the manner that i did..was extremely hard. watching, hearing, and seeing him beg for oxygen, for someone to help him because he couldnt breathe during his last hours was just plain horrible. ... (25 replies)
... Do you run, walk anything to wind you down before bed. Try to take the Wellbutrin first thing in the morning? ... (18 replies)
... Cigs are a drug and you really need to look at them that way. Just like a recovering alcholic has to look at booze. I just go about it like AA taking it one day at a time. ... (18 replies)
... taking this drug, and quitting smoking. ... (10 replies)
... eat!!! 3 weeks today!!! occasionally throughout the day i realize that i am doing something that i am normally smoking while i am doing it...and i want to get up and go smoke...out of habit, not really WANTING to. so it quickly passes once i tell myself that i am not interested in smoking! ... (25 replies)
... i will try to hang in there for at least 3 months and stay on the wellbutrin...but i just feel like its doing something to me....that it shouldnt be....i just dont know how to explain it.. ... (25 replies)
... thanks for the reply. I appreciate your sharing what's happened to you. I am very sorry for your loss of your father and in such a painful way. I haven't experienced that. I've heard that it's a strong motivator to quit smoking. ... (25 replies)
... I used the lozenge for about a month. I really did not need xanax till the 3rd month into my quit. If it makes you sleepy..take it at night. ... (18 replies)
... And today is April 1. And not one cigarette. Was a 40 plus year smoker. Only time I ever quit was when I was pregnant twice. And that was over 35 years ago. So I'm pretty proud of myself. lol. But I'm having one big problem I can't sleep. I know It's the Wellbutrin. Or at least part of it. ... (25 replies)
... My sister who was a 30 year smoker quit on this med and has not smoked in 8 months. ... (18 replies)
... The Xanax can be split in half. I know they are tiny, but a pill splitter usually works well. If you want to try it during the day, you can start with half and if it doesn't make you feel more calm in say, an hour, you can take the other half. It's a better way to tell how you will react. ... (18 replies)
... I believe I smoke from anxiety and depression. I already take xanax which really helps with the anxiety. Does anyone take Wellbutrin to stop smoking? ... (1 replies)

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