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Cervical radiculopathy with pain n numbness right arm to thumb
norm vertebral body alingnment n height no abnormality seen at foramen magnum or craniocervical junction n atlanto axial joints r norm

AT C2-3, C3-4 and c4-5 disc levels, no significant pathology
AT C5-6, there is a prominent broad based posterior disc protrusion and end plate osteophyte formation with n associated right para central disc extrusion which causes some mild indentation to the right side of the cervical spinal cord and significant impingement on the C7 nerve root and moderate encroachment on the right C6 foramen there is also considerable disc and osteophyte encroachment on the left C6 foramen.
AT C6-7 there is a large broad based prosterior disc protrusion flattening the cervical spinal cord more marked to the right of midline and there is moderate narrowing of both foramina more on right
AT C-7 - T-1 no significant pathology seen
The cervical spinal cord maintains normal signal
Para vertebral soft tissues are unremarkable in appearance

Significant disc protrusion as described at C5-6 n C6-7 n there is a right posterolateral / para central C5-6 disc extrusion

Please I'm desperate for an interpretation mri one mth ago post a year ago rd trauma n a life long need for steroids I only have one lung on left since mri I'm getting weaker can't stand on on foot nor put foot in front of foot I'm falling over a fair bit bruised badly can't turn neck left to right shoulder up high coughing a lot vomiting not eating urinating freq n constipated and cannot get in to a neuro surg consult for still another 8 weeks yet and no ones offered any interpretation of findings I'm not at all aware of what's happening to me I'm scared and 34 two children and av no home help I'm unable to sleep more than 30 mins to max 1 hr n awake n slowly stand to be constantly dizzy n non steady on feet I walk like I'm on the moon n av lost feelings to both arms the burning pins n needles etc
Am I in grave danger
What action maybe explored

Please help any info shared much appreciated
Hello and welcome to the board!

What Dr ordered your MRI? Have you scheduled a follow-up with them? If so what did they say about the report? Have you approached them about an earlier referral to a spine specialist?

The report reads as potentially pretty serious but you really need to get the opinion of a spine specialist. They can read the MRI and determine what treatment is required.

Going by what the radiologist notes in the report :

You have a disc protrusion at C5/C6 which means the disc is poking out. You also have a disc extrusion there as well which means that the nucleus of the disc (which is a gel-like material) has pushed out. This is indenting your spinal cord at C5/C6 and also impacting the C7 nerve root that exits below.

At C6/C7 you also have a disk protrusion flattening the spinal cord. Any time something impacts the cord enough to flatten it, significant symptoms can occur.

There are two ways that disc pathology (in your case discs protruding, and/or busting open) can cause significant symptoms. They can impact the nerve roots coming off the spinal cord and exiting through passages in the vertebrae. This causes symptoms such as pain, numbness and sometimes weakness along the muscles that the nerve delivers sensory and motor signals to. In your case, the C7 nerve root impingement is probably causing the symptoms in your arm and shoulder. The other issue is when something compresses the spinal cord. When this causes symptoms, it can create what's called cervical spondylitic myelopathy which is damage to the spinal cord. In your case, this *could* be the cause of your issues with gait and possibly bowel and bladder issues. Do you have coordination problems with your hands as well? This is another common symptom. Of course these issues may be due to something else as well but they can be explained by CSM.

My advice is to get in to a spine specialist (neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon with specialty training in spine issues that treat only spine conditions) and have them evaluate your MRI as well as the clinical picture. From there they should be able to recommend a treatment plan.

Good luck and let us know how things go...

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