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Re: Acdf
Mar 30, 2016
I didn't set out to use this thread as a recovery journal, but it kind of turned into that and I thought it might help to continue for anyone going through this in the future. It's odd how we are comforted by knowing that others are suffering in the same way we are. It's not like it improves your situation, but I guess it makes us feel less alone through it all.

A few new things I didn't mention yet ... I noticed my neck has a sizable area above the main incision site, even extending to my lower chin, that is significantly numb. I hadn't really noticed it before as that area in general feels different, but I really noticed it when running my fingers across the area yesterday. I hope the nerves repair a bit in that area.

Also, I discovered what a sneeze feels like while recovering from ACDF. I've sneezed exactly 3 times in the past two days and I know the exact count because of how incredibly painful it's been each time. Each time it happens, it makes me afraid I've really messed something up inside.

Today marks one complete week since my surgery. Still having arm numbness off and on. It's actually worse today than yesterday or the day before. Swallowing seems much better this morning. I ate a PB&J on toast and didn't even notice my throat. The swallowing symptoms seem to come and go though. I've noticed some days it seems better and then later or the next day it might be a bit worse.

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