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Had c5-6 ACDF in 2012 due to severe central canal stenosis. The levels above were herniated as well but surgery wasn't need there. I was diagnosed with cervical myelopathy. Tingling in my hands and feet have picked up more recently, and seem to be more a function of head movement or position.

If all it is... is just a little rubbing on the spinal cord... there is nothing to be done about it... I don't want to waist an MRI on that.

But if those other discs have now reached the level of severe central canal stenosis... surgery is needed. I know people who had spinal cord flattening with no symptoms until they started tripping all over themselves that they got an MRI and then when straight to surgery. I don't want to wait to that... that's seems rather risky.

Any doctor will order the MRI based on the symptoms... but I don't want to be that guy who has a cold and goes to the doctor to be told he has a cold and nothing can be done.

Who knows maybe this is an issue of lack of sleep, B12 deficiency...


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