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[QUOTE=Katrob56;5441656]I had c4_c5 last October. None of my problems, left arm, hand and shoulder pain, neuropathy in both hands, first 3 digits. I have been dealing with this for 2 1/2 years. I had bilateral carpal tunnel surgery 3months prior to my ACDF c4-c5. No improvement in the neuropathy.In 1996 I had ACDF c6-c7. I am to have a myelogram next Tuesday because the surgeon thinks my problems are coming from c5-c6. I have become very anxious and irritable. I sure do hope they find something to help you.I know how life changing these health problems can be. Best of luck to you.[/QUOTE]

Thank you for the well wishes!

It sounds like you have been through quite a journey yourself. Good luck with your next journey, but I would think, based on what research I have done and what my Chiropractor has been able to help educate me with, it sounds much like my issues and they are honing in on C3-4. I have numbness in my thumb, index and middle finger with some on the inside of my ring finger when the muscles get bound up real bad and put pressure on the nerve that serves that area.

I have a ruptured disc at C3-4 and moderate to severe foraminal stenosis at C3-4 and C4-5. The muscle that goes from the base of my skull to my shoulder is as tight as a banjo string on the left side and the muscles below my scapula as well as the muscle from my neck to my shoulder are all bound up as well causing immense pain.

I am taking 60 mg MS Contin ER 2x daily, morphine sulphate 15mg 3x daily, baclofen 20 mg 3x daily, 100 mg Voltaren 2x daily and 300 mg Gabapentin 3x daily and I am STILL in just horrible pain. The Surgeon that did my ACDF C4 thru C7, was originally going to do C3 thru C6, but changed his mind, didn't consult with me about it and just refuses to believe that what he did didn't cure my pain. Yet i still have the ruptured disc at C3-4 and the foraminal stenosis.

SO...I have had a consult with one Neurosurgeon that does minimally invasive foraminotamy surgeries. He had me do an EMG this week and I see him again on the 13th of December and I also have an appointment with another Neurosurgeon on December 6th that saw me 2 years ago for a 2nd opinion on a workers comp case and I wish I had gone to him to begin with. He is the #1 rated Neuro in this area, but hindsight is 20-20. :(

Doctors have a tendency to refer to surgeons that are within THEIR network, and I have one of the best PCP's I have ever had, so I went with him because had glowing reviews of the Surgeon he referred me to. What did I learn? Don't trust and do your own research for a doctor from people hat have had good results with other doctors.

Good luck with your next venture. I hope you get the relief I'm seeking. This is no way to live.

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