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Did you have a failed back surgery or why did you have the scs implanted?

The problems with forgetfulness, etc. began after the revision?
Yes failed back surgery after my fusion of L5-S1 in 2015. They leads have moved and now the distal end is located at T8 and T7. Originally they were at T9 and T10 when they did the revision. My confusion started only a few weeks ago but progressively getting much worse. Can thou explain how that could occur? Thank you
I'm sorry but I can't really speak to the confusion. Problems of coordination, as I understand it, could be caused by the leads or it could be nerve damage from the initial problem at L5-S1.

I am fused from L3 to S1 and have damage that causes me to have poor balance and issues with proprioception. Sometimes when I get up after sitting a bit, when I first walk, it looks like I had a three martini lunch! Or if I turn around too quickly, I can briefly stumble.

How much investigation did you do of the failed back surgery syndrome before you agreed to the neurostimulator? By that I mean did you consult with other spine surgeons to see if there were any other options?

If you are worried about the confusion, you might want to have the scs removed and see how you are without it. Perhaps there is some sort of revision you could have for the L5-S1 issues.
Have you explored all other options regarding your pain? I assume you have had a surgery that didn't resolve your original symptoms...would that be correct?

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