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I wanted to post an update to my recovery from 1 level ACDF surgery in 2010. It seems difficult to get any long term information following surgeries so here goes...

Overall, my ACDF was a complete success! I started a thread following my surgery and chronicled my recovery over the first year. Feel free to click on my name to find that other thread. In the past 7 years, I have had no issues in my right arm or neck and have been very active: lifting weights, tons of home improvement projects, now have 3 little kids, and generally enjoying life. About a year ago, I did something to my left arm that caused my shoulder to spasm for a week. My doctor was concerned about a new herniation given my ACDF surgery so I got a full x-ray and MRI. Thankfully, everything looked great! Went and saw my original NS and he seemed excited to see a healthy patient all these years later. My arm pain cleared up within a week and has been fine ever since so I must have just tweaked the muscle.

For my particular situation, the keys to a full recovery were taking it easy during recovery while still being active, not having a strenuous job (I cannot imagine having spine issues and trying to work in construction or other physical job), being generally in good health, and not waiting too long to get surgery. My nerves were not totally shot because I had ACDF after only about 6 months of bad arm pain. Also, remember: go slow and listen to your body!

Unfortunately, everything is not roses because Iím pretty sure the disc I was worried about in my lower back has herniated as I have terrible sciatica in my right leg. The leg issues have been on and off so hopefully they clear up soon. Back surgery is so much worse than ACDF and I definitely want to avoid it.

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