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Hello all,
Its Easter, 11 days out post-op from acdf c4,5-c6,7.
Sounds like a lot of people on here have about the same kind of issues in one form or another , mine is a little different. yesterday being my 11th day and celebrating Easter with family was the first day I felt good since my surgery. Mind you, I had to go back in after a week and have 2 more injections because my nerve pain was so severe.
I know I am probably going to get a lot of hate mail, but it was Easter I I am a pretty active person, so it's hard for me to sit around and do nothing when there was a lot to do, lots of kids and grandkids, lots of activities. I'm going to jump right to the question and ask is it possible to mess up an implant after lifting heavy stuff ( like 30 plus lbs) and overdoing this soon out? I know this alone sounds like a stupid question and it was a very stupid idea. But it was the first day I felt good so I over did it. And suffered quite a bit in the night and into the morning. I am hoping that I just strained a lot of muscles. But did wake up with a numbness tingling burning and even nerve pain from after surgery that finally went away, came rushing back in the middle of the night. the pain is not too bad right now and I have not notified my doctor yet.
Yes, yes, yes.... It was a stupid thing I did. Like I said I am not one to sit around and not do anything. But I definitely learned my lesson but now I am just scared that I may have either messed up my surgery or put myself way back. Was just curious if anyone out there has ever had any similar situations.I know my Dr. Needs to be aware.
Is it possible I could have done some damage to spinal implant?
Praying it's just strained muscles 😢
Dear Angie,

Yes, it is possible.
It's also possible that you just caused yourself pain.

Do get checked out, hon.
And, please follow doctor's orders. They are there for a reason. :eek:
I’ve been traveling and not paying much attention to the am just seeing your post.

How are you doing by now? Was your surgeon able to reassure you that you have not harmed your implant?

I would just like to remind you that it takes up to a year for the bone growth to become hard and set, even though you may show signs of growth as early as three even though you may feel great, it is important to be mindful of your surgery, to be cognizant of it when doing any strenuous activity, and to modify activity and lifestyle until you are completely healed and the bone is set (I think of it as “cured.”)

Keep in mind the long-range goal. It is worth limiting yourself short-term, if the result is a successful outcome to a surgery that will hopefully, not have to be repeated in the future.

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