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[QUOTE=teteri66;5503005]Just seeing your post. I would suggest getting another opinion from a board certified orthopedic spine surgeon in addition to the neurosurgeons. Training is similar but they often suggest slightly different treatment.

Do you have any cord compression? If you are not symptomatic and there is no cord compression, I donít know why anyone would recommend surgery at this point.

How do you know you have bulging discs? Assume you had MRI, but what caused you to seek treatment?[/QUOTE]
Thank you for your reply! I would not have known about the bulging and herniated discs if not for an MRI. I was doing some very aggressive exercise classes (kick-boxing, weight lifting) and ended up with stress headaches and neck pain. After realizing I'd strained my neck muscles (which caused the headaches), I discontinued the classes but the neck pain did not completely go away. I asked my primary care physician to refer me for PT and he insisted on the MRI first.

You're right, there is no cord compression although the MRI makes it look like there is literally no space between two of the discs and my spinal cord. The first neurosurgeon seems to think that cord compression is inevitable and suggested that, if I were to get into an accident, I would end up paralyzed.

I'm reluctant to see an ortho surgeon because every person I've spoken to insists that I should only see a neurosurgeon for spinal issues. But I definitely plan to get at least one more opinion before I decide to do anything and at this point I'm leaning towards just "wait and see". By the way, I did end up having PT which increased my range of motion and reduced the tightness of the neck muscles. I now only rarely have any neck muscle pain and have found that some trigger point massage gets rid of that very quickly.

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