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I have been to many Dr's. & still no help. C-spine shows spurs in upper neck + bulges at C4,5,6 causing numb hands. Biggest problem is, head feels
massive pressure if I sit much or head is tilted w/ chin in/dwn. I have to
walk it off, hold nose in air & stretch neck alot to relieve some of this `helium-
head' feeling. No one understands what it is. I read somewhere that
Orthostatic hypertension causes neck or head prssr in older folks from long
poor posture. I'm much younger. Once I get dressed & to appt, ear spasms
have popped too & less prssr. I'm wondering if hm. traction would help. I
know this is a spine problem from inflammation. Foggy head & bad vision
gets better the longer I'm vertical. Chiro's & Neuro's won't even talk about
traction. Who does or can anyone here give me some info? Love to read but
the prssr-problem is keeping me away. Even the TV should be on the
ceiling so I can stay flat. I have fatigue & sit alot, then more fatigue to
walk this off. BP @ hi is 140/90 while sitting. I'm miserable & Dr's just say
anti-inflamm's or possible PT. How do you use traction safely or know if you
should? Appreciate some input...?

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