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Hi Carolyn
I feel like I am butting in here, but thats nothing new for me!! I was reading your post to Donna, and I just needed to say...Both your DRs are right. You see, your surgeon says your BONES are that of a 14 yr old. Thats wonderful, but they are not what causes your problem. You primary care MD says you have degeneration through out your neck, thats right too, your discs are degenerating, and thats your problem. When your discs rupture, it presses on your nerves, causing pain. Your bones really have no determination on the degeneration. It helps to have good bone quality, but the disc is the problem.
Also, this could mean you will need future surgery because the hardware will prevent future problems at that level, but the other levels (which are not protected by hardware/fusion) will be put under more pressure after your surgery. Thus causing more degeneration and possible rupture.
Your other question about grafting, I used my own bone for the "best possible fusion". If you do not smoke, you can go for the cadaver graft. I dont smoke either, but I know that there is a slight chance of no fusion occuring if cadaver bone is used. I had alot of hip pain after the surgery, it took about 3 weeks for it to subside. I do still have pain on occasion, if I sit for to long, etc. I think its worth it to use your own bone, and get the best possible results.
Good luck, cindy

Haha I was typing my responce, when you were, and I lost mine too!!!

The discogram is a procedure which simulates the pain you now feel. It is not a fun test, but the results are great. Its done in a hospital, you get some mild sedation, and the inject dye into the hurtful disc. Then they need you to let them know if thats the same pain you feel daily, or different. It does hurt, but worth it. And so is a second opinion!! MRIs can provide enough info, if your doc is confident.

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