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Re: 2nd NS opinion
Nov 25, 2003
I had a myelogram just before my surgery. I did not have the headache. If it is done by someone knowledgeable about the procedure and if you follow the directions there is a good possibility you will not get a headache. The directions to me was to stay with my head upright (i.e. don't lay down - head above heart). This will allow the dye (or whatever they inject) that is used in the myelogram to flow down. By going up into the head it causes pressure (thereby giving you the headache). A myelogram is the best way to see the nerve involvement is how it was explained to me - it was also what convinced the doctor that I did need the surgery (the MRI indicated it was needed, but the severity of it was not shown).

I did not have any injections so I can't help you there. With regard to the massage chair - I would be hesitant because if your nerves are being pinched the constant massaging of them may irritate them more causing more pain.

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