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Re: Just found out
Nov 26, 2003
[QUOTE=irish34]Hello...I am new here and so glad that I found this board. I am a Police Officer who was injured on duty and now suffering from a herniated disc at C5-6. My injury happened August 2003 and I've been using Chiro 2 days a week and PT 3 days per week. The herniated disc was just diagnosed a little over a week ago. I saw a Orthopedic Surgeon yesterday who performed the typical exam by testing reflexes, etc. My reflexes are hyperextended which he noted is a cause of spinal cord damage. Sure enough in the MRI there is damage done to the cord. The hardest part of this is that I'm 26 years old. I haven't seen many cases with cord damage....
Anyone with advice or stories with like injury would be more than appreciated.
Hey Irish,

Welcome to a whole new world as you will see per the number of people on this board who are in the same or similar position.

I was a fit 5'6" 120 lb. atheletic 40 year old when I too injured at my c5-6 and l5-s1 discs from sitting in a dept store chair that was not properly put together. I ruptured cervical disc and herniated lumbar disc. I did same in April 2000 and now after much chiropractic, some acupunture and a deferred surgery I had a anterior discectomy with fusion from my own bone (hip) since the spinal chord compression I had was quoted as the worst possible.

You can try all the interventions possible and they work for a while and a while is different in terms of time and relief for all of us; however, I had to finally have the surgery as the compression was getting worse and if I was rear ended the free floating disc pieces would cause paralysis and nothing is worth that.

So make sure 1/you get two - three opinions; 2/ you ascertain if the disc is ruptured and out of the sac and will migrate to other places in the spine so that you catch things before they get more complicated (like a 2-4 hour surgery vs. 6 hour surgery like mine ended up) 3/you get dr. whether ortho (with spinal speciality) or neurosurgeon that you are really able to have discourse with and can get the results you are looking for 4/ read as much as possible on this site remembering that some people like to pine and dwell and not move forward so never feel better and some like to get the help available here and then move on with their lives 5/ you watch currently what you are doing to not exacerbate the disc problem ( like lifting weights vs. treadmilling at a walking pace) and staying in the best shape possible within reason based on your injury.

I had a long journey; my surgery is two weeks post op and I feel better but you had better understand you are in for the long haul when you have a cord compression/injury and that you won't be the same as one dr. told me - how could you be?

Good luck there are many more seasoned people than myself but I think three years of pain and a greater knowledge than my g.p. could ever dream of makes me fairly confident to relay some information as a layperson. That reminds me - don't let your g.p. diagnose you - get to the people who are skilled in the field and then get a few of their opinions. Unfortunately you are now a consumer in the medical dr. dept and the energy you put into buying your new car/house is a lot less intrusive to your life and well being so make a big effort to advocate and inform yourself.

Take it easy.. your friend in the journey.. along with all the rest of us.

Nearly new....Nero

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