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[QUOTE=STAGRE]I am not a newbie but I usually just lurk alot:) I had ACDF(C-5/6) with donor bone in January, 02. The fusion broke and had a revised ACDF with hip bone in April, 03. I am having one-sided headaches for a year now which my PM thinks is probably C-spine related. Also pain in the lower neck and both arms now. Before it was just right side shoulder, arm and hand. Sent me for an MRI with contrast but when I got there the technician said they don't do contrast on the cervical spine because there is no reason. They only do it on lumbar. The tech said that the contrast is only for showing scar tissue. I asked if the C-spine didn't develop scar tissue and she said that it didn't!! But that the MRI would show the entire neck. I don't really want something injected into my whatever but I will do whatever it takes to get rid of the headaches. Does anyone know anything about this??[/QUOTE]
I don't know much about cervical but i know when i had my mri after i had my discectomy and laminectomy on my L4-L5 they shot contrast in your vein at your elbow so they could see better because of all of the scar tissue.

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