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Hi there,
I have been putting off this question until today, I am fed up. I am just 4 weeks post-op yesterday, ACDF C5-6. I thought everything was well until this week, I think maybe tuesday it was that my left arm started feeling funny again. Wed and Thursday it felt numb most of the day, today I woke up with a very stiff shoulder on the left side, afew hours later I tried to itch my back and can't even bend it back there above my waist, the pain is constant, even when I am doing nothing! I really don't know what caused this, I did wake up in the middle of the nite a few days ago and "stretched out" a little bit, it seems to me like I heard a crack or pop sound coming from my neck at that time. I don't have an appt. until the 30th and with the holidays I would doubt I could get in any sooner anyways. What are your thoughts?


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