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Re: Surgery date
Dec 26, 2003
Hey my sweet, Moondancer,

You must be very nervous and have every right to be; your feelings are legitimate and I can say on a small scale I relate now being six weeks post op from 'c5 -c6 fusion with own bone and titantium plate.

My spinal chord had i was told the worst kind of spinal chord compression possible and I was at risk of being paralyzed. The night before my surgery i left letters to each of my children and spouse, left early Christmas gifts and phoned my mother at midnight. I wrestled the heck with the concept of surgery as anyone on the forum knows and they all helped me come to the only decision... life is for the living.. whatever new form that takes... it is still better than the prior. I was full of pins and needles, numbness, pain, spasms, unhappiness, living like a butterfly flitting around my new house doing NOTHING.. a major problem when I had had a 40 student piano studio, accounting job part time and loved to exercise and hang out with my elderly parents and good friends and incredible husband. It was the hardest decision of my life and having lost my first child at birth was still more frightening than that.

So you have every right to feel like you don't want to have to make this decision, to back out, to avoid it BUT look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if it can honestly get any worse to live with after surgery - a very small possibility and that is what made my mind up.

Try to really decipher the actual state you are in hour to hour and how oppressive it is and to me that is what connotates the need for surgery... my life was very oppressive and then the thought of some jerk possibly paralyzing me through incorrect driving was just TOO much to deal with.. I wanted to have my fate in my hands NOT theirs.

Continue to ask and ponder and question on this Board and i promise you, you will get the decision only YOU NEED and you then can move on to the next phase that life presents to you...

Good luck.. and I am honestly Nearly New Again...(just a little shorter) Nero

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