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I'm faced with the same problem, and have gotten to the point that I need to take action. Mine involves my left arm, and more painfully, my left shoulder. The arm pain, tingling, and "shocked" feeling are reasonably controlled during the day with Bextra, Zanaflex and Tylenol #3. The nearly uncontrolled pain occurs in my shoulder, which feels as if it is a perpetual cramp. I can actually feel the muscles in my shoulder crawling beneath the skin while I try and massage the area. At its worst, the pain requires that I switch to Vicodin or Oxycontin for relief. Relief can be had, but the Zanaflex in combination with the Vicodin and Oxycontin leaves me a drooling idiot and/or dead asleep. My wife tells me that I am nearly unresponsive when so drugged, and my only memories of the time so spent is that I was very tired, and then the world pretty much went away. I am forced to attempt sleep in a contorted position unless I have taken the comatose combination, which requires that I lie on my right side, with my neck cocked to the right and tilted back. I then have to place my left arm behind my back, touching the mattress. I suffer from sleep apnea, and have a CPAP machine to assist my sleeping breathing, but I cannot keep the mask on my face when I finally fall asleep and promptly roll off my right side. This is driving me crazy! I just had my right knee replaced at the end of June, and for the first time in twenty-five years, I can walk as much as I like, so this torment prevents me from enjoying my new found health as much as I would like. So, it's back to the neurosurgeon for me, and hopefully we'll both have great outcomes. I am grateful for all the positive information from all those who have posted replies. Please keep us informed of your progress, and I'll do the same.

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