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The Results Are In And They Are Worse Than What I Expected. I Will Not Type The Entire Report It Is Much To Long. So I Will Just Give You The Details. Here Goes

Ct Of The Cervical Spinec2-c3 Is Fine

C3-c4 Small Disc Bulge (this Is New)

C4-c5 Broad Based Disc Bulge With Uncovertebral Joint Hypertrophy, Right More Than Left. These Findings Create Moderate Central Canal Stenosis And Mild Right Neural Foraminal Narrowing.

C6-c7 Moderate Facet Arthropathy- Post Operative Changes.

C7-t1 Is Fine.
Interbody Fusion From C5-c6 With Incorporation Of The Superior Bone Graft And Incomplete Incorporation Of The Inferior Aspect Of The Bone Graft At The C7. (what Does This Mean)
Moderate Central Canal Stenosis Is Appreciated At C4-c5 With Mild Right Neural Foraminal Narrowing.

Mri Of The Cervical Spine

C2-3 Is Fine

C3-4 Posterior Disc Bulge. Mild Developmental Stenosis Of The Central Spinal Canal Is Present.

C4-5 Disc Degeneration Is Present, Posterior Bulge Of The Disc Associated With Endplate Remodeling Along With A Minimal Retroloisthesis Results In Severe Central Canal Stenosis And Mild Spinal Cord Compression, Depicted In Sagittal 9 In Series 3. Mild/moderate Neural Foraminal Stenosis Is Identified.

C6-c7 Operative Changes Are Present.

C7-t1 Moderate Facet Arthrosis

C3-4 Mild Developemntal Stenosis Of The Central Spinal Canal.
C4-5 Disc Degeneration. Severe Central Canal Stenosis, Mild Spinal Cord Compression, Moderate Nueral Foraminal Stenosis
C5-6 And C6-7 Operative Changes, See Ct Examination Of The Spine To Determine The Intergrity Of The Spine Fusion.
C7-ti Facet Arthrosis

Some History For Those Who Dont Know.

Acdf C5-6-7 10/2002 Still In Pain
Myelogram 3/2003 Revealed Herniation With Stenosis At C4-5 And C6-7 Stenosis Due To Spurring.
Posterior Laminectomy-foraminotomy C6-7 To Remove Spur. Still In Pain.
Cervical Radculopathy C4-5-6-7 Confirmed 12/2003
Neurogenic Bladder
Nodules On Both Sides Of Vocal Cord From Being Intubated.

Future Surgeries:
2/25/2004 Revision Acdf C5-6-7 And Acdf C4-5, From What This Report Says I Would Guess C3-4 Will Also Need A Fusion.

Ok, Someone Translate This In English Please. I Understand Most Of It But Am A Little Confused. Thank You For Reading My Post!!!


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