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[QUOTE=fkissam]I am 7 months ACDF post-op.

I am still having pain at the very base of my neck. My surgery was on C4-C5-C6. The pain is lower at C7 or T1.

Any suggestions or similar experiences?

Thank you.[/QUOTE]

hi, Yes I am having the same problems as you, I had surgery on C4 &5 on November 19 and have lots of pain on the base of my neck. I have a check up on Tuesday so I am going to ask about it if I find out anything I will let you know. As a matter of fact I feel the pain that I has before surgery as well I have my first xray on Friday so hopefully everything is okay. I have no suggestions for your neck pain as I still have it if the doctor tells me anything on Tuesday I will relay it back to you. Have a good day.
No answers, but I too am still having pain at the base of my neck after 9 months. I still can't sleep on my back and more often than not, I am sleeping in a recliner. I often have the same symptoms has prior to surgery (i.e., pain in shoulders, arms, numbness in hands and pain in shoulder blades). I also get really bad headaches that start at the base of neck and go up the back of my head over to my forehead.

I did get good news yesterday from the OS, who said the it had fused and I know longer need to see him. I will still be returning to my NS. He just keeps saying that "most people usually get better". Aren't those encouraging words.

Good luck to all as we keep holding on to the thought that some day things will get better and we can return to normal.
I am trying to find similarities between those of use that still have this pain around C7-T1. My surgery also did an emergency procedure called a corpectomy that removed part of the vertebral spine itself. Did you also have that done? If not, are there any commonalities among us?

For the most part, the surgeons are not interested in analyzing the recovery of patients. Once the surgery is done, they look just at the bone fusion and that is it!

[QUOTE=mdla]I have this too, right at the base where the shoulder comes into meet the neck. Someone suggested traction, that freaks me out to have a plate at c6-7 and be streched? Anyway I just posted somewhere that after a year they did another mri and found 2 disks around that were bulging, nothing that was there prior to surgery, t1-c7 and the other side. Ugh, Ive done all the stuff, neck streches, pain shots, meds, the excercises with the 2 lb wts.[/QUOTE]

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