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my 4 yr old daughter has had a bunch of tests done and the latest shows Diastematomyelia she also has tethered spinal cord,now i am looking for anyone that can explain what is going to happen. i have to wait for us to see the ped neurosurgeon then he will show me the films etc. My dtr has had urodynamics done which has to be redone,renal-bladder u/s,mri of head and entire spine under general,xrays,and the latest that gave us this dx was myelogram with ct scan under general.which emily got a spinal headache that put her into the er on friday needing a blood patch that they couldnt do because she had no vein sites left. she finally got the headache out of her system yesterday,i felt so bad for her!

so if anyone can tell me about this and what kind of operation and recoup time she is looking at would be appreciated,i am floored to say the least with all of this.
thank you

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