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Well I had the lovely myelogram yesterday---never in my wildest dreams did I think the pain would be that bad!!!!! I promise I will die before I will allow any one to do that to me again...... First of all he hit a nerve & almost sent me off the table - with the first "numbing injection" -- when the table was tilted I almost passed out with pain & pressure--- I am sure if anyone else has had this monster of a test they will know what I mean. My NS gave me two valiums to take prior to the test, one two hours prior & the other 1 hour later-- I also took an extra pain pill, just in case & two pain pills after they let me off the table. Normally I can't take pain medication & stay awake, at midnight last night I was wide awake & still in pain--- the headache has eased up now & there is hope of a some sort of sleep tonight. I won't keep on about this test, I just had to vent to someone & the key board doesn't talk back.
Hi there,

I had heard the horror stories, but now for sure I know that I will never have one done. I just had a posterior decompression laminectomy C3-C6 and all I had done was an MRI. I was really praying that the surgeon would not want me to have a myelogram as well. Sometimes your prayers pay off. It's been about 3 weeks now and things are getting better every day other than the fact that my neck is still quite stiff and sore, but tolerable if I rest it from time to time. The numbness in my hands and feet is subsiding but it wll be a few months to a year before I discover what the final result will be. Thanks again for the myelo iinfo.
I hope it was worth it. Good Luck...Ray.

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