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Hi to All
Just found this site and am completely amazed. I thought I was crazy until reading most of the posts on here.
Unfortunatley my storey differes slightly to all I have read so far. My problem began when I saw a Chiropractor and he adjusted my neck for a simple pain in between my shoulder blades.
Jan 16th 2003 was the day my life changed for ever.
After a not so routine neck manipulation by a chiropractor I had just met and without taking any xrays before the manipulation, I became familiar with the term ruptured disc.
I sat in pain for a month and a half before my MRI on Feb 28 2003. Unable to breath properly and with sever neck, left arm pain and shocks running down my left arm into my figer tips,and my legs wanting to out from underneath me. I was sent to a neurologist for help. My results of the MRI were devastating to me.
My C5-C6 disc was compressing my spine to 7mm. My neuroligist referred me to a NS and after another month of the dredded wait and see game, a second MRI showed that the disc was still not going back into place and surgery was now iminent.
My NS booked me for ACDF without hardware on July 4th 2003.
Upon waking from annestetic and the upset tummy that followed I had what felt like a softball wedged in my throat. After being in recovery for an hour or so I was sent for an xray to confirm proper placement of the fussed bone grafts taken from the bone bank. Everything seemed fine. I was left to recover in the hospital until the next morning. (I apparently have the ability to sleep sitting straight I was only given ice chips to drink..(hint: eat lots of ice chips, as much as your tummy can handle, the coolness helps the swelling go down faster).
I was released from the hospital the following morning with the Philidelphia Collar I had to purchase and was instructed to wear it continually for the next 8 weeks (Even in the shower)..oh that was fun in plus 35 degree weather.(hint: sit infront of a very big fan and use baby powder as soon as the stitches heal up and the tape comes off). After my 8 week followup appointment with the NS I was informed that he did a super job (BS) and I would be good as new once my physio kicked in. I was left to my own devices with a warning to not lift or strain my self until my neck mussles got stronger. Then only in moderation.
The physio actually made things worse and I was told by the NS to stop until another MRI could be done.
Funny thing is...The neck pain and arm pain and weakness and numbness is still present. I also feel grinding and crunching and that felling of bubble wrap being snapped. I followed up with the NS in Oct 2003. He then tells me he was not able to remove all of the disc and this may require another operation. And is now concerned he may have too go back in via the back of my neck....orders another MRI for Jan 26th 2004.
I saw my neuroligist on Feb 2nd 2004 for the results. Disc was partially removed but spinal cord still damaged (indented) C6-C7 disc showing slight buldge. C6 vertibrea showing a narrowing from growth of spur, Bone fragment eveident.
I was then informed that the damage to my spinal cord was no longer operable as a surgeon will not do another operation because there is nothing that can be removed or fixed.
I am now at my witts end with this crap. I have been unable to do much of work, no play, no nothing because of pain. As for meds...well I'll tell the begining My MD perscribed Flexeral, Neurontin, Percs, and oxycodone and when I finally couldnt get past the pain went off of them...Neurontin withdrawls almost put me in the loonie bin...that stuff is horrible and doesnt work at all, and it is an anti depressent in small dosses and in large quantities is like a time bomb. If your on it and your doctor tells you you dont need it any more or is going to switch your meds to something else, get off it sloooowly.
I am not taking anything for pain now but find it hard to even move. I would rather be in pain and have my witts about me then in that stupor. So I will never take pain meds again.
After reading NERO'S experience with the failed fussion and special xrays I now have hope that all this is a failed fussion and I can be fixed. I am talking to my neurologist today and "making" him give me those xrays. Screw the doctors...I want my life back. No one is going to tell me I am going to live like this any more...if its broke fix it, if it aint broke then give me something else to try, so I can get on with life... sorry for the rant folks, just frustraighted in Canada...

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