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Hello Friends, out there ...
I am brand new, and brand new to this forum, and these boards.

After reading what some are going through ... I am humbled.
I never, ever thought about what it would be like, if you tried to turn your head, and experieced 'excruciating pain' ... how could, look right, look left, look up, look down ... be such a problem!?!

Around Dec/Jan - 2003/2004 ... I, (out of the blue) had this terrific pain at the base of my skull. It has not left me ... and now almost 3 months on, has only become increasingly worse. I have visited various doctors, including my Neurologist (I have suffered from PN for the past 8 years ... peripheral neuropathy) and all I have been prescribed is Ibuprofen, Vioxx and Skelaxin ... none of which helps me at all.

Last night, for the first time I realized, if I support my neck when I'm moving my head, I got so much relief ... it was so much easier.
I feel I need a neck collar or brace, and I don't need the drugs ... this is only a 'cover-up'/'mask' ... except, the cover-up/mask isn't even working!

I would be so happy and appreciative if someone could give me their experience on anything similar to this, or if you're knowledgeable on collars and/or braces ... could you please, please enlighten me??? ... I haven't a clue.

Thank you so much,
Lansara :wave:

P.S. I have suffered from terrific pain in the very base of my spine when I'm trying to get up from a supine position since as long as I can remember ... like my whole life 53years, and not one doctor has had the answer to this.

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