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Hi...It looks as though there is a lot of great information out here. After seeing a neurologist for numbness, tingling, pain and muscle loss down the right side of my neck into my right arm and hand, he performed an EMG, prescribed me a round of Methylprednisolone (made me gain weight and upset my stomach) and Neurontin (made me dizzy) and ordered an MRI. I have appointments scheduled with 3 neurosurgeons and am looking for some guidance on WHAT TO ASK as I plan to enter their offices with a list of questions. I want to be fully prepared and have the knowledge to make the right decision concerning the next steps medically and which NS to pick.

I am getting better at the terminology, but it's all still kind of Greek to me. I am not even sure what you would term what I have...ruptured disc, herniated disc, pinched nerve?? Or all of them?
Below is my MRI report from a radiologist:
C5-C6: A relatively large central and right paracentral protrusion of disc material measuring up to 18mm transverse and 6mm anteroposterior. This contributes to right ventral cord flattening and narrowing of the central canal. The central canal is asymetrically narrowed toward the right. The mid-sagittal diameter of the spinal canal measures no greater than 7-8 mm. Considerably greater narrowing toward the right lateral aspect of the spinal canal secondary to protruding disc material. Asymmetric uncovertebral degenerative spurring on the right contributing to mild-to-moderate narrowing of the neural foramen. The near aspect of the right neural foramen includes a small portion of the previously described protruding disc material. The left neural foramen is mildly narrowed due in part to uncovertebral spurring and facet hypertrophy.

What does all that mean????

Knowing the above information, PLEASE GIVE ME IDEAS AS TO WHAT QUESTIONS TO ASK the NS's. I guess my 1st question would be as to if my condition is mild, moderate or severe. I want to be thorough and explore all of my options (surgical & non-surgical).

Sorry for the long post! Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can offer as this is all new to me!

PS - To make matters worse, I have had a horrible headache for the past 5 days. Are they related? Has anyone else experienced this?

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