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[QUOTE=LODI Patrolman]Good evening to everyone, my name is Pat and I'm new to this board. I'd like to get some feedback on some injuries I sustained at work, and whether I should continue in my present assignment. Approx 4 months ago, I was operating a 2 wheeled yamaha scooter and hit a pot hole at approx 25 MPH. I was launched over the bars and came down on my head (thankfully wearing helmet). I was knocked unconscious and spent 2 days in the ICU of our local trauma center. The following injuries resulted form the accident: I sustained a subarachnyl bleed in my brain, and herniated the c5-6 discs in my neck. I have had various neuro symptoms, including dizzyness, vertigo, and most noticibly memory loss. I took a series of cognative tests with my neurologist which indicate to him that I sustained an injury the right side of my brain(he was correct). As a result of the disc herniation in my C-spine I can only turn my head approx 1/3 of the way to the left as I can turn it to my right. I am an active Police Officer, but have yet to return to work. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether I should return to full police duties? As of now I would not feel safe, given the unpredictable and often physically violent tasks that are sometimes part of my job. Should I pursue and easier softer line of work, or possibly a desk assignment? What I am most worried about is another injury to the head which may leave me in worse shape, do to the cumulative nature of head injuries. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks,Pat.[/QUOTE]

As the wife of a retired NYPD out on 3/4, I would suggest desk duty for a long time. I have had 3 cervical spine surgeries and it is no picnic. How on earth would you be able to apprehend a EDP on a wild rage??? You can do more damage to you c-spine not to mention your head. You said that you get dizzy spells??? Thats a no no for PD work. Memory loss..... ???? Cant drive a car????? How you seen the department Physician?? What did they say??? How many years on the job??? Sorry for all the questions just want to get the details correct.


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