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Re: Home after ACDF
Mar 17, 2004
[QUOTE=irish34]I called my surgeon today however, it's Monday and he happens to be in surgery all day. Hopefully I'll hear back tomorrow. I don't have an appt. with him until March 23(my birthday--Happy Birthday to Me), I'm hoping to get in sooner.
Today my incision itself is really sore--thankfully I only ended up with it being 2" long.
Went to Subway for lunch with my husband today...was worn out by the time we got home. I truly hope that this gets better....I feel like such a complainer, but I really have nothing positive to say right now.
I am second guessing to myself why I had this done...I felt better before the surgery. And I don't have a collar...And, the surgeon said I should be up doing everything as normal immediately. Unfortunatley, not this chic!
Thinking of all of you...sorry my posts are so short lately, I don't last long sitting in a chair.[/QUOTE]

I just read something really interesting about depression and fatigue after surgery. It said your body actually produces hormones that make you feel that way for a make you rest and heal. I don't know about anybody else, but my hair and skin have been really yucky since my surgery. Dr. said to remember my body's nutrients are all blasting to the surgery site, to nourish and heal the area worked on. Makes sense I guess. I just didn't feel like getting off the couch and sitting up for any length of time completely whooped me, straining that shoulder pain, etc. Hang in there...take care of yourself...listen to what your body's telling you. I saw 4 different drs for opinions before surgery...2 talked about being back to complete normal within 2 weeks. 1 said that the surgery could almost be done out-patient (yep, ran from that office!) Went with the one that seemed to really fill me in (correctly as of yet) as to what to expect. Remember, everybody's different too.

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