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Re: Home after ACDF
Apr 19, 2004
I'm so sorry that you are miserable as well.....unfortunately I have no good news for you. The symptoms have remained the same, but more painful. I feel the same as you...I expected to be "new" again. Not worse. From the date of my surgery in August, I have survived without pain meds (don't work or make me sick) so post-op has been the same. But once my husband had to go back to work, I was stuck. No more constant help and I have 2 young children. A week and a half ago my 3 smaller toes went completely numb, not like when your foot falls asleep, but numb. It came back that night, but it was so scary. At post-op appt. surgeon did neuro exam and my reflexes were more hyper that before surgery. Explain that. The surgeon couldn't. Sorry I can't write more, but I can only sit here for a very short time.
Please keep me posted....
Thinking of you and saying hundreds of prayers for all my friends out here.

Hi, Thank you so much for your concern. I just dont know how you are doing it without pain meds!!!! I have young children too and my youngest is severly handicapped. He is big for his age so throughout my whole ordeal i have just kept reinjuring myself from having to lift him. I know what you mean about the numbness. Before surgery my primary injury symptoms were all on the left side with minimal symptoms on the right. Well, after surgery my right side hurts just as bad if not more than the left. My right index finger goes numb and now just from sitting here typing my left middle,ring and pinky fingers are all tingly. My incision on the front of my neck that i had expected to be about 2 inches is 4 1/4 inches long and the lump in my throat is getting better but everytime i swallow it is like my whole throat and neck area goes up and down. I know weird huh?? Anyway, i just posted last night.... i am soooo scared because i have noticed since surgery that i am having spontaneous jerking movements. I never know whick part of my body is going to jerk next. My head will jerk as well as my arms, legs and sometimes my whole body. It doesnt matter what i am doing either, it does it no matter what. Saturday night my husband woke me up out of a sound sleep because i was scaring him, he said that my head was jerking up and down off the pillow really bad and that my eyes were moving like crazy under the eyelids. I dont know if one had anything to do with the other but the whole jerking thing and never knowing when it is going to happen scares me. When i started to get a little concerned about it a few days post op i called the drs office and the nurse told me not to worry that it was just my spinal cord healing, well hello...... i am 2 weeks post op today and it is getting ALOT worse! Have you had this problem or heard of anyone else having this problem? If so, please let me know. I will post later today and let you know what the family doc says about it. Hope you are feeling better!!!! Glory

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