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These symptoms have been increasing in intensity for about the last 2 months, although they have been around on and off for many years. I am currently dealing with two seperate situations:

Regarding my lower back: I suffer from severe lower back pain starting around my waist area that radiates both up my lower back and down my lower back to my left leg. I am experiencing numbness from my left buttocks down the lateral aspect of my left leg to around my knee, but that seems to be slowly creeping lower and lower as time goes on. I experience tingling and some pain in my feet also. I am unable to walk for very long distances, and must lean over or sit down after about 15-30 minutes of standing. I experience periods of dizziness, and often find myself stumbling or tripping. The pain is severe, and seems to be getting worse. The numbness used to only occur at night when I was in bed sleeping, but now it occurs whenever I am lying down or sitting for any length of time, and I feel as though I am experiencing a low-level of numbness all the time now. It should also be noted that my balance has seemed to be off lately, and that when I close my eyes I have difficulty maintaining my balance.

As for my upper body: I experience severe pain radiating from the base of my skull, radiating down my neck and across both shoulders, between the scapula, across my upper back and down both arms (Mostly following the medial nerve) to my fingertips. I experience pain in my joints and inbetween my fingers, and I have lost significant grip strength in both hands in just the past few months. 2 months ago at therapy my grip was 120 (L hand) 60 (RT hand), just last week it was 80 and 40. I have difficulty grasping objects, my dexterity is getting worse, I cannot raise my arms above my shoulders for any length of time due to increased weakness, and I just have an overall generalized weakness in both of my arms. I am always tired, my neck is always stiff and my head and neck always feel "heavy". I have a ringing in my ear, which was diagnosed as tinnitus years ago, but I have suffered a hearing loss in my left ear recently that my PCP states is due to water behind the eardrum. My hands often tingle and feel "cold", especially after moving them or trying to use them...and most recently, I have been unable to touch my pinkie (can't remeber medical terminology) finger to my thumb, which I could do just a month ago. Also, in therapy when I am moving my head to various positions I get VERY dizzy and light headed.

Hope this information can give you a broader picture of what I am going through, and maybe you can give me some advice based on that information. Also...the report stated there was [B]MILD TO MODERATE[/B] bilateral neural foraminal stenosis at the L4/L5.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me, your opinions help me get through a very trying and often confusing and scary time.


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