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Hello, all! I'm new to the board. My son was in a bad car accident Saturday night, April 3rd, 2004. His seatbelt broke and he was ejected from the car (which the driver was speeding and my son was passenger). He was found face forward in a ditch about 25 feet from the car. To make a long story short, his injuries were a severe concussion and his neck was broken at C5-6 and torn ligaments. The neurosurgeon waited until Wednesday morning to do his surgery because the swelling was so severe. He did an anterior and posterior fusion of the C5-6 with removal of a hip bone. He was in a lot of pain in ICU for 2 days afterwards, but was able to go home by Saturday afternoon (the 10th of April) With Vicodin, we are keeping the pain at a minimum. He has 30 days of restrictions from the neurosurgeon which include: wearing his neck brace (soft), no sitting for longer than 30 minutes, no driving, no lifting more than 5 lbs. We go back on the the 29th of April with more x-rays. My question to you-all is: What do we expect from here? With all the screws, plates, and whatever else we see in there from the x-rays, does any of that come loose or move ever? We have just been terrified throughout this whole ordeal. I know God had his hand on my son because he wasn't killed and he wasn't paralyzed and no nerve damage whatsoever. I just would like to know what other people have experienced with this surgery and how they recuperated. Please feel free to post, Thanks!!
Recovery should go extremely well, considering your son's age. As far as the screws and plates are concerened, once again, age is to his benefit for the quality of the bone material! My brother had two fractured vertebrae from an auto accident when he was 18 and had them fused. He also had a severe concussion similar to your son's. Today, he has almost complete neck rotation and no problems, at age 40. I'm 50 and have 4 vertebrae fused with hardware in my neck.
Thanks for the response!!! I feel so much better after reading about your brother and how he's recovered from this procedure and his injuries. The doctor did say that my son's age is a huge healing factor, he should be able to be almost 100% in the next few months. He did say he will have lost about 2 fingers width of when he touches his chin to his chest (in other words, it will never touch again, just shy of it). Considering what he has been through and what could have been, I'm very thankful! :angel:

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