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Regarding lifting restrictions, I was told nothing heavier than 10# for first month (they said that's the equivalent of a gallon container of milk), 20# second month and 30# third month, then no restrictions. Also they said minor side-to-side movement of head would be OK, but that I should avoid maxing out looking up or down as that would be the touchiest for the vertebrae. I was told no driving for 2 weeks, mainly because I would be on meds until that time, but I did resume just a bit under that time. I was told to avoid major activities like running or golf for 3 months, but walking was strongly encouraged. I did some very light yard work with my wife (seeding grass, spreading fertilizer by hand) at 11 days post op and did overdo it a bit...felt pretty wiped out, but bounced back after a day or so.

They said to expect to be off work for 2 weeks absolute minimum, but that I should plan for 3-4. I was back in the office part time at 10 days post op, but I do mostly desk/computer work (which I was told could be tough) but it's been going well. They also said if I went too far with head/neck movements, etc., "you'll know it" (i.e., pain would be the indicator to knock it off.) So I think it's also a common sense sort of thing.

I had ACDF C-6/C-7 on 4/6, using the Rabea implant, donor bone and a cage (no screws or plates), so my situation may be slightly different than yours. I was told that I did not need to wear a collar (although I requested one and used as "training wheels" at first). I used mainly while driving up until last weekend and now I do not wear at all. I was told that the particular implant they use has proven to be extremely stable and so perhaps my restrictions are less limiting than what your surgeon might recommend, so best bet is to contact their office and find out.

I agree, sitting around makes you nuts especially when it's finally getting nice outside and you have things to do. I still take it easy at night after work, but at least I'm most of the way back to my normal routines. Good luck to you!!
I just had four week postop checkup today - PCDF and ACDF 2-3,3-4,4-5,5-6 with plating and "screws" so it was quite extensive. I have to wear the hard collar except when sleeping for at least another two months and then wean off gradually. I am to walk as much as possible. No lifting, bending or reaching over my head. I have been able to cut down the pain meds and muscle relaxers a lot, but still require them off and on. Since it is against the law to drive with a collar on, this is a definite "no-no."
The muscle spasms in my shoulders are still bothersome but controlled with small doses of Flexeril and Percocet. Every case is different and I am sure the doctor is the best one to ask for advice, but these boards are very helpful too.

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